Hello everyone I hope y'all are hanging in there ok. Well after taking longer than anticipated looks like the time is drawing near for the start of Ocrevus. I finally received a call from my Neuro and the infusion site has been trained and ready for me here in my hometown of Duncan Oklahoma so that makes it so I won't have to travel up to Oklahoma City for the infusions. erash from your post the other day your going to find this ironic. It's been setup through a rheumatologist office here in Duncan! 😂 Maybe there is something to that conspiracy theory. However, that kind of is questionable but the way I have been feeling I can't wait to give it a try. From what I have heard from Joannskianni I am hoping for a reduction in muscle spasms an increased energy levels. I was told I can expect a call tomorrow, I so can't wait!!!! Everyone have a blessed day. I would also like to take a moment to apologize for my inactivity on here but have been dealing with trying to get my life back in order. Everything falls apart during the new starts to MS therapies when I get to not feeling well so trying to get back on top of things before I start ocrevus in case it doesn't go well as it has with others in the past. Y'all have been and are in my thoughts and prayers.


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  • Allen 5280, Sending you good vibes for your infusion! Keep us posted.

  • I'm really hoping that everything goes well for you Allen5280

    Keep us posted on your infusion and progress 😊

  • Allen5280...good luck! I hope Ocrevus works well for you. Let us know how it goes.

  • Allen5280 wishing you great results with Ocrevus. Let us know how it goes. 👍

  • Allen5280, the best of luck on your upcoming infusion. Let us know how you do.

  • Hope it happens soon for you! And really can't wait to hear how it works for you! Best of luck!

  • Allen5280 I hope all goes well with your Ocrevus infusions. Please share with us your "outcome". Prayers, hugs and love with you.


    P.S. I have an appointment with my neuro on Friday and want to discuss having the Ocrevus infusions instead of taking Aubagio. Any pointers you can give me would be truly helpful!

  • Allen5280 Hope you get that phone call today and things fall into place so you're not waiting much longer. Keep up posted on how your infusions go. Good luck

  • I did recieve the call first thing thismorning first infusion is set for May 4th at 740am I was informed it is a 4 hour process the second will be on the 18th of may, here we go!

  • Awesome Allen! That is right around the corner!

  • Allen5280 I am awaiting the same call that you just got. I know these things take awhile, but I'm anxious to try some type of treatment rather than not doing anything treatment wise

    . Was there any trouble with insurance coverage?

    Keep us posted!

  • bavery207 I didn't have any trouble with insurance due to being on Medicare. It was a first for them Ietc all my high deductibles with taking Copaxone. Had to obtain funding for that however I am past that for now. Medicare did approve it immediately after it was prescribed for me which has been almost a month ago. As far as I am aware the time to get me to the actual administration has been the infusion site being trained etc. It was the first time I didn't have any trouble with the fiscal end of things. I have been told I am going to be the first person in Oklahoma to be on it and there was another person awaiting but having trouble with insurance so I am not sure how that plays out with private insurance. Hopefully it gets straightened out before long for others whom are having an issue.

  • Allen5280, I'm thrilled for you to have gotten over the hurdles to begin this promising treatment. I pray it goes smoothly and gives you the improvement you've been hoping for. Your willingness to be a pioneer will help so many others, too. Thank you for the updates!

  • That's wonderful you have an option and I hope it starts working as soon as possible!

    I didn't read the other article on conspiracy theories (although I will now lol) but I can say, it might be at the rheumatologists because they regularly administer IV medications/tretments. My Mom took Remicade for RA for years at her rheumatologists office. They are set up for these procedures.

  • Congrats Allen5280 !!! So happy to here that you will be starting the ocrevus, and of course keeping us updated is a bonus for us!😁 Thank you for that☺

    Hang in there!!

    J 🌠

  • Allent280, it's Fancy1959.Congratulatulations on getting the call to start Ocrevus! I am also waiting to get the call to start Ocrevus as well. Please keep in touch and let us know that's how everything goes.

  • Allen, I take my hat off to you, well done, you will be in my prayers that it will work for you. Stay well my friend, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🙏

  • I hope everything goes well with your treatments and it will be good to know how things are going. But you need to take care of your self first.


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