Just checking in...and happy Easter!

Just checking in...and happy Easter!

It's been a while since I have been on here, but wanted to check in and see how everyone is and thank you for all the support with my diagnosis/flare-up in January. I will be finally starting medication (copaxone) this week, so I am hoping it goes well.

I was off work for a about three weeks during my flare up, which was very scary- but since then I have returned to work and chasing around my two crazy little boys. I was even able to walk/run in a race on st Patrick's day.... way more walking than running, lol. My boys and I flew to Florida to visit my mom for spring break, and didn't want to return after spend time in all that sunshin, lol. I am also in the midst of looking for a different house, one with less stairs and a smaller yard to upkeep- hoping that will help with the fatigue a little. So things have been crazy busy, but I have not forgotten about you all and the wonderful support you have given me. I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend. :)

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  • Sadieschafer Welcome back, thanks for the update. It sounds like things are going well. Happy Easter!

  • It is good that you are doing better and that life is getting back to normal, even if that is a new normal.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Sadieschafer That's Wonderful to here! Good luck chasing those little boys of yours!😅😅 Just don't tell them your outnumbered.

    Good luck on the Copaxon.☺ I have been on it for 2 yrs now. Only problem l have had with it are some if the injection sites. So my Neurologists and l agreed it would be ok to switch some.

    If you need tips, just ask we have a ton!


  • Sadieschafer Thanks for posting the beautiful flower picture. Good luck on the Copaxone. I was on it for 10 years. It's the least scary med of all. Wish I was still on it.

  • Thanks and I'm glad you're doing better...

  • I wish you a joy-filled day and much success in your house hunt!

  • Hoping you feel better and having a wonderful Easter weekend!

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