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Hello again

Hey guys, it's been a while. I have gotten my driver's license back ☺. My health has been good until the last few days. I'm having some insomnia and if any of you have dealt with this, you know how it takes a toll.

I'm in pain and having some muscle weakness in my left leg. I am changing insurance providers and looking forward to getting new doctors and hopefully a more definite understanding of my condition. I still don't know what form of MS I have even after 4 years and countless test. My current neurologist refuses to even address the diagnosis.

I am dealing with some other things as well so continue to carry me in your thoughts.

Thank you ❤

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Fee09, it's good to hear from you again. I hope you get a new doctor, one that addresses your MS, and answers all of your questions. Praying for all you have going on, hoping the insomnia and pain goes away. 💕


Fee09 sending you healing thoughts 📬


Fee09, I sure hope you are finally getting some sleep. I'll be praying for a great neurologist.


I've taken Ambien again to help my sleep. I have only taken it twice in the last 2 weeks so I won't get dependent on it. I am dealing with it through movies and tea for the most part

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Fee09 Sounds like a new doctor is in order!! Best of luck!!


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