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Let the Appointments.....Begin!

Before my neurologist investigation goes any further with a diagnosis. I have my

Balance rehabilitation next week.

Neuro-Ophthalmologist appointment in two weeks.

Still have to Get approval for an ENT doc.

Lost my hearing for 1/2 an hour! Oh boy the ringing was so loud I thought my ear drum was going to explode! And severe right side electrical muscle pain. (came down with a small cold on Tuesday)

Vicks vapor rub does help and I also bought a Vicks vaporizer for the air....I can't tell you how soothing it is just to inhale, exhale, repeat.

I noticed that it helps with my Neuro symptoms at night (vertigo, spactisaty, cramps, headache, and mornings seem doable)

Haven't needed my cane in 3 days!

Whoop! Trying to stay positive!


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Stepinup sounds like you will be very busy keeping up with dr. appts. Glad your hearing is back. Hoping you will get a diagnosis soon.


Hi Stephanie! Good luck with all your appointments!

When I had my big flare-up years ago, I thought it caused me to lose my hearing in my right ear. Imagine my surprise when I went to the ENT and after a standard hearing test they told me my hearing was completely normal!! I still don't understand how I could test normal but have this 'feeling' that I couldn't hear on that side. The sensation of not being able to hear on my right side lasted for a few years until it finally went away and hasn't returned. I think this was my weirdest MS symptom.


Positivity can be challenging some times but is definitely preferable to negativity Stepinup 👍

I lose hearing in my right ear every now and then. Told it's the MS by 3 ENTs.

Hope your appts. Go well. Sending + thoughts 😊😊😊


Hi Stepinup you are going to be swamped this month! Good luck with all of them!

Are they all working together, to find the answers? Don't forget to bring your journal.

And YOU are your own best advocate!

I hate the ringing in my ear! It never goes away. I am constantly asking for people to repeat themselves. Drives my boyfriend nuts! But also gives me a good excuse not to listen.😅😅



As of right now no. None of my doctors are working together.


Stepinup when you go to each Dr. Explain to them which Dr your seeing for what, and give them the contact info. Tell them they all need to figure this out TOGETHER! Or at least get on the same page.

Good luck💕



Best to you with all the appts. I'll be getting a bunch of test done soon also.

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