MSAA Awareness Month Started March 1st! Here's a sneak peak of what's to come! Enjoy!

Hello everybody, young and old, new members and our old pros, Ms Awareness month iis here and it will be packed full of activities that both Jess and I eill share with you! Here and on our secondary website, JohMSAA, Jessmcd2, and I will be sharing a variety of items and activities on some, but not all of the sneak peaks will be:

As Emily stated, mark your calandars and save the date, March 29th because a MS expert will log onto our MSAA site, (time of actual log in will follow later) and will answer our questions about MS. This event is called, "Ask Me Anything." Emily would like each of you to make up a short list of topics you would like coverred. Keep in mind, many questions/topics will be duplicated repeatedly, so be ready to listen and read as well.

There will be a brand new video called, "Changing Lives Monday to Sunday which features MSAA clients and their stories. MSAA has been working on this for some time.

An updated version of our Swim for MS will be debut be on the website. The new video, as well and lots of goodies will be in a dedicated section of the

There will be our can you improving on Thursday March 30th for anyone living in the Philadelphia area. Find out information about this event go to msaa

There will be an on line auction at the bidding is already open., so don't wait, check it out.

There will be an Art Show featuring works done by artists with MS.

Is your head spinning yet? I know mine is. Jessmcd2 I will do our best to keep you informed of events happening during the month. So hang on to your hat and buckle your seatbelt because we're in for one craving of MS activities!

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  • Fancy1959

    There's a 2nd web site?

    Another ? For the expert (posted several under Jes thread) what about diet? Intermittent fasting? Ketosis and leaky gut?


  • No @erash She meant the site ☺ and. Those are great questions! 🌠

  • Hold that thought while l find out how they want me to keep track of questions erash


  • Thanks Jessmcd2 for clearing that up for Erash! You are fantastic! Erash I agree with Jessmcd2, those are great questions! Fancy1959.

  • Thank you

  • Let me know if I can help. I am on the road doing MS Awareness month programs in 4 States this month and in DC and LA with meetings relating to patient powered research outcomes but there is a day or two in between where , if you have a focused task, I might be able to assist.

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