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Introduce Myself and question regarding therapists


Hi everyone

I've been living with Relapsing MS for about 5 years, and have been fortunate enough to not have any serious issues. I live in the NYC metro area, and haven't been active in the community but I feel I should get more involved.

One of the most challenging things so far is finding a good doctor in the area and a therapist who has experience dealing with MS patients.

Currently my neurologist has a backlog of 2 months for an appointment. Any recommendations for neurologists in the Bergen County NJ area? What about therapists?

I'm looking for Dr.s that not only have good reputations, but can help set up my "network" of healthcare professionals.


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Hi sillyrabbitt, and welcome (awesome name, by the way!).

No help with Bergen contacts, but I'm with you on getting more involved-- I have likewise been a bit of an island unto myself, until very recently . . .

There are several folks in this community from your neck of the woods, and I'm sure that they'll have some good suggestions on neuros and therapists.


-- Christopher

No help on this but, Welcome to the group.

Hi sillyrabbitt

That moniker makes me smile 😊

Not in the NYC area but having similar neuro issues. Mine is wonderful but is retiring and currently working 2two 1/2 days/week -- talk about backlog! Fortunately his NP is excellent!

Hello sillyrabbitt . Years ago I was involved in an MS support group and found that everyone there traded experiences of doctors they liked and didn't like. My best advice is that you find a neuro that specialized in MS or an MS center. You may be able to get recommendations from the MSAA or the MS society.

Hi sillyrabbit, welcome to the group. I don't live in your area so I can't advise on a good nuro guy but I wouldn't be surprised if someone here eventually suggests one. I have learned from prior experiences, if you don't feel comfortable with a neuro doctor, find another one! In the 12+ years I have had RRMS I have had 3 and my current one is an MS specialist. Ps: this is a great group to have found. I have learned a lot!

Hi Sillyrabbit,

I just found one in NYC that specializes in ms. It's the Weill Cornell Institute, the upper East side (646)962-9800.

I live in Las Vegas so I'm not much help. If you need help finding a doctor contact the Msaa. They are very helpful. I hope you find what you need. Keep in touch.

Shelly 😊


Hi sillyrabbitt l am so sorry, l am so behind 😞

Please get ahold of MYMSAA.ORG They would be happy to help you.

1800. 532-7667 ext.154

Welcome to the community! ☺ Please feel free to jump in at anytime as you can tell we talk about pretty much anything and everything. But most of all Support each other!


Welcome, sillyrabbitt. I hope you're able to find a good MS specialist in your area. Your relationship with your neiroligist is important. We're happy you are here (though not happy you have MS).


Hello Sillyrabbit, it'sFancy1959 and I would like to officially welcome you to this awesome chat room. By the way I love your name!

I wish to give you a few reasons why this chat room and the kind and caring people involved in it would make an incredible difference in your life. We offer resources that you would never know about without us. To find a great neurologist in your area call the national MS Society at 1-800-FIGHTMS. They will set you up with the caseworker who will then give you suggestions to find neurologist in your area that are of the highest quality. They call them their Partners In Hope. Then once you get in to see the neurologist they should be able to offer you suggestions to find therapist and any other medical help you might need in regards to your MS. Keep heart and understand good neurologist often take 2 to 3 months to get into. I would have serious doubts about going to practice that could work you in one to two weeks.

The second reason you need to join the chat room is that we understand exactly what you are going through because we have been thru it ourselves. We have big shoulders in which you can lean or cry upon when you need to. We will not pat you on the back and say how nice you look and act as if nothing is wrong. Most people, no matter how well intentioned, have no idea of what you are going through! But, we do.

The third reason is the support we can offer you. We strive to be extremely positive and to make you understand that you are not alone on this journey. Although each person's journey is slightly different we all walk the same bumpy and detour ridden path you have found yourself upon. We will not let you get lost and if you fall we will reach out our hands and pull you back to your feet. You will not be left behind.

The reasons you should join our chat room go on and on but I will not list them all at this time. Part of the joy of being in our extended family is to meet new people and to see miracles happen right before your eyes. You will not only only discover the multitude of reasons and ways we can help you, in no time the real Joy hits you that you are actually helping others too!

I look forward to talking to you soon. We are only a post away so don't hesitate to contact us if you need us. I would like you to remember two things as I leave you to ponder if we can help you. Together we are stronger and we can make miracles happen! I hope you join the chat room because we truly do care. Fancy1959.

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