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Recently I found a passage in an old Eric Hoffer book that was written about social change; but his thoughts about the drastic changes we experience in MS spoke to me and may resonate with others as well: "We can never be really prepared for that which is wholly new. We have to adjust ourselves, and every radical adjustment is a crisis in self-esteem. We undergo a test; we have to prove ourselves. It needs inordinate self-confidence to face drastic change without inner trembling."

When I review the roller coaster of emotions that I experienced when I received the diagnosis of MS, I realize now that I was experiencing the crisis Hoffer writes of. I am grateful to this community, for providing a space where we experience support as we come to terms with what has happened to us, and gather confidence to face our drastic changes.

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  • Thank you goatgal, appreciated, blessings Jimeka

  • jimeka I'm a good listener. Especially when friends talk! Thank you.

  • Oh goatgal this is so true. With each change I get, I try to find a new way to cope.

  • And we face mini crises everyday...really nice quote goatgal

    Thank goodness for resilience 🌈

  • It certainly fits MS!

  • Thank you for the quote which will stick with me today and beyond as the changes have really been continual for me these past few years... When I turned 50, all heck broke loose with my MonSter which gave me all kinds of new challenges. Have been battling this for 30+ years, and I naively thought I had mastered it all! Alas, my true nemeses have been the fatigue and pain. I guess I did not realize this would get this challenging!

    My life has really changed in the past couple of years. I had to sell my 20 acre farm after my partner of 15 years walked out one day. I stayed a year and a half alone and tried to manage alone. I've landed back in PA near family after 30 years in Ohio. It's all good as my Mom and sistour (spelled as family driver--LOL) found me a sweet brick home on an acre. I'm now here for a year and a half with my ardent supporter pupz (1,2,3 brown pupz for me)!

    Life is all about change and our mission is to continue moving forward and to keep on keeping all, challenges and all. I put a smile on my face and move mountains little by little!!! xo Cj

  • ddeadred Your story is almost mine. I retired, bought 20 acres in Virginia and began to accomplish my life's vision. Then, as a 70th birthday gift, MS was diagnosed. Like you, I stuck it out for three more year but found it impossible to manage without help. So I found homes for the goats and hens, sold the farm and set off with my pups to start over. Again. I'm in a sprawling urban setting now, but making plans to return to a setting that feeds my spirit. If all goes as anticipated (always an iffy thing at my age), I will leave here in August and settle into a small, single story house on 4 wooded acres (lots of shade). So as you already know, we move mountains, inch by inch, and only we know how much courage this takes and despite MS, how strong we truly are.

  • I DO MISS my ... Rhode Island Reds who matched their Chickie Momma!!! Oh, and the eggz... LIKE BUTTER!!!

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