Liver Update

I had good news with regards to my liver enzymes. Well, as good as it gets! No hepatitis!! I have a bit of fatty liver. I guess it surprises me some. I was never overweight until I got MS. But in the almost 2 years since then, i have gained 50lbs!!!! guess its good that I started a plant based diet a few months ago. I am not completely 100% adhering. I have trouble w dinner as none of my family want to be plant based. However, I have not lost one pound either..... I am back up to 10 minutes at a time on my recumbent bike after I went hog wild and it put me in a flare a couple months ago.

Any suggestions for me?

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  • Great news on no hepatitis, Karen-x. Wish I had an answer for your question though.

  • My only advice is to stay committed and everything will come around.

  • Right now, I vote for enjoying this hepatitis-free moment. 😍

    Tomorrow, one can turn to a redoubled focus upon diet and exercise (never forgetting, however, that the involved process must resemble a marathon, rather than a sprint).


    -- Christopher

  • Yes I will enjoy this moment!! I have trouble w the whole marathon mode. After being inactive for a year I jumped on that bike for 30 high speed minutes 5 days a week. It didn't actually take me down until 3 weeks in!


    C'mon Karen-x-- you know that you cannot resist watching it . . . . 😜

  • I think I can, I think I can. Hey, I know I can!!

  • Thanks, Gaslight : )

    I enjoyed that far too much for a 'grown up' ! : )) x

  • Great news about not having hepatitis Karen-x!

  • Great news Karen-x !!!

    This is something you can certainly work on...and no doubt you've already made dietary changes.

    It's only me and my spouse, but I often cook 2 separate things for us for supper. He's just not into stir fry or crock pot stews.

  • Woo hoo! That's excellent news.

    Unfortunately, I have no weight loss suggestions for you. I'm struggling with that too. 😕

  • Hi Karen-x, what wonderful relieving news for you, I am pleased that it was so good. Blessings Jimeka

  • I am so happy for you! It's great to feel good.

    Is it normal for MS patients to loose weight? I used to weigh between 128-134 now I am 117 and can't seem to gain weight back.


  • Oh my, I don't know about weight loss! I have only gained. And I have read that my DMT can cause weight gain.

  • Karen-x thats great news! As to the fatty liver, anything you change about your diet toward healthy eating is a good thing. I'm sure you're skipping alcohol already, but those wonderful diet changes you're making will be helping, even if the results are slow coming. I wish weight would disappear as easily and quickly as it seems to appear! Enjoy your great news!

  • So pleased for your good news, Karen : )

    May I ask what sort of things are involved in a plant based diet ? Angela x

  • Hi Angela. The concept is to mainly eat plants in as natural a form as possible. That means only 100% whole grain, fruits, veggies. I also gave up all dairy products. Surprising to me is that all my indigestion issues resolved. I think I had become lactose intolerant. It also involves removing sugar from your diet. That is hard for me, I freely admit that I am addicted to sugar. I love chocolate!!! I need to switch to dark chocolate. I am eating lots of kashi cereal for breakfast, veggie burgers, vegan cheese, salads, soy milk and coffee creamer.

  • Hi Karen, thanks for your reply. Sorry for late response - more household disruption, unfortunately ! So you're actually vegan with an emphasis on whole grain. Sounds more varied than I thought. I was picturing a rather grim bowl of kale type serving ! : )) I love hot chocolate so would really miss it . Regarding exercise, It can be so difficult to do enough with mobility/fatigue issues limiting us. My main types are dog walking, gardening (weather permitting ! ) and rocking in my chair, watching TV ! x

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