Wonderful lunch, wish you were all there

Bygonelines (Jacqui) and I live in Salt Lake City. We have been talking on the phone countless times and yesterday we finally met! We went to lunch. She is such a warm, wonderful woman. I find myself wishing we could organize a large get together. I know it would be a challenge for us, but wouldn't it be wonderful? Ahhh, a fun dream 😁! Kelly xx

5 Replies

  • How lucky you two are!!

    I'm 'in' for a get-together! 💕

  • Me too. 🍔🍟🍫👍

  • Sorry forgot the coffee ☕️🍰🍦🍧🍩🍪

  • I notice you slipped some desserts in there along with the coffee, too. Yum!

  • I'd love to get together with everyone, but seems like I'm to only one on the East coast. Haven't lived on the West coast (Oregon) since 1990.

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