Out with the old,in with the new...oops there goes my balance!

2016 was a rough year. The rug was pulled out from under me in February 2016. Symptoms began that persist to this day. Was finally officially diagnosed by 2nd neurologist in December 2016.

My latest issue is that I fell and broke my butt! I laughed it off at first, haha I have plenty of padding, I am ok. At my next appointment, primary care did exam and x-ray and sure enough I have 2 breaks in my tailbone. I have managed to grit my teeth so far but this is miserable.

One must have the pain tolerance of superman to cope with ms and not give up. The changes that occur are so so drastic sometimes! To all who struggle without support, hang in there, you are not alone! 2017 is going to be better! I refuse to consider any other possibility!

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  • Eva, ouch, painful! Are they doing anything for you or do you have to let it heal itself with it being your tail bone? It's in a difficult place especially for you to sit down, I hope that you can find some kind of relief from the pain, blessings Jimeka

  • Just have to let it heal on it's own. Due to my other issues, I already have pain meds,just have more now. Thank you jimeka ! I am stronger than the pain! Maybe if I tell myself that enough, I will believe it! It's always darkest just before the dawn!

  • Welcome Eva1981 to this awesome chat room from Fancy1959. You have found a safe place to come and ask questions to voice your concerns or to talk to someone who truly understands. The members of this chat room are some of the most caring, kind, and compassionate people you will ever meet. As you start this journey down the winding pass the MS leave us down you will soon discover that each one of us has a slightly different path than anyone elses. No matter the path it will be winding, full of potholes, and detours. What seems like an insurmountable task to navigate this path you will find it is not due to the fact that all of our paths parallel one another. So if you stumble and fall or have problems someone will be there to reach out a hand and help pull you back up to your feet.

    As a new person just starting your path with MS it might be beneficial to you read a post I made back about a month ago. Its title is MS things to avoid. For people just starting on their Journey with MS, this post is full of pointers of things that can trip you up that oftentimes you are unaware of and that doctors have not thought to mention to you because most of them do not have MS themselves.

    Although it seems so overwhelming at first as your world gets turned upside down by MS keep the faith that this is a time when therapies are being developed at a rate never before seen. With each new therapy that is developed the researchers gain more insight into the monster itself. Hang in there and remember we are only a post away and we can listen we can tell stories to one another or we can be here for support as long and as often as you need. You were right in your initial assessment the 2017 will be better in 2016. Once you get on a therapy and get stabilized on it and then get you other symptoms under control with her is and this medications you will be able to pick up and try to get back to somewhat of an assemblance of your life it was pre MS. Remember that together we are stronger. Please keep in touch and let us know what is going on MS therapy and medications. You are now part of our extended family and we take care of our family. Fancy.

  • Hi Eva,

    I'm sorry about your 'pain in the butt' ! I am wondering if one of those rubber ring cushions might help ? What are you using to help with your balance, cane etc ? We can often furniture surf indoors, using our hands/shoulders against surfaces/walls/doorframes to steady ourselves but don't have this insurance in an open space outdoors. I'm looking into stools for bathroom/kitchen to sit on so I can manage personal care/household tasks without having to hang on for grim life ! I have weakness along with balance probs and a silly collapsing leg : )

    Have a think about ways you could make things safer/easier for yourself. Falls are inevitable but we can minimise the risk. One of my worst faults is forgetting I've just had a relapse, so up I get just like before, expecting the previous level of function, only to be suddenly reminded that things ain't what they used to be ! Angela x

  • Hi Eva1981

    Humor is good medicine and a donut pillow helps a broken butt (fractured coccyx) 😅

  • Hey Eva1981 sorry about your DX😞 an welcome to a roller coaster ride no one wants to be on.

    Sorry about your tailbone, how did you fall? I hope you have a good support system helping you right now?

    I do love your attitude though! Your right 2017 will be better!


  • I fell going down the porch steps at my home. I have foot drop ,right foot,and no real sense of position of my right foot and hand unless I am looking at them. I landed 5 steps below where I started from. Thankfully, I have plenty of padding, haha. Better my butt than my face.

    My fiancé is wonderful support. He is an amputee so he understands some of my symptoms and my feelings.

  • So sorry to hear that Eva1981 but your so right it could have been so much worst. Thank goodness it wasn't ☺

    I there anyway you can make you a ramp? That way you don't have to worry about again😊

    How are you feeling today? Any better?, I hope! Did they tell you about how long it would take to heal?

    Take it easy!!!!


  • The ramp has already been built. It only helps if I use it,lol. I thought I was up to the stairs that day and was wrong.

    I was told to expect 8-12 weeks for it to heal.

    I am nowhere near in as much pain as the day after I fell. It's tolerable as long as I am cautious and don't sit too much.

    Thank you, Jesmcd2 for asking. I am ok today. I've had better, I've had worse.

    How are you today?

  • I have no comment on you not using it😑 Eva1981 😅😅😅 bet you use it next time?

    8-12 wks is a long time but look at it this way, you will be better by spring/summer ☺

    Hopefully the pain gets better everyday for you so you can sit!

    Me? I'm wondering where all my time goes😕 There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day anymore.😅 To much to do not enough time to do it😕. So lm not doing it 😅😅 and if l don't think about it, it won't bother me! 😁


  • I will indeed use the ramp from now on lol. Stubborn is as stubborn does.

    Jesmcd2 ,

    I can relate to the not enough time! My problem is when I have time, I lack energy. When I have energy, I lack time!

  • I can understand that one completely!!

  • Thank goodness for your painkillers! I'm sorry you've had a fall which ended so painfully. I pray for quick healing!

  • Ouch, Eva1981. Not that any of us really want a positive diagnosis of MS, but having an answer is helpful. A broken tailbone, funny as it sounds, is anything but. I've been there. My youngest child was about 2weeks old when I slipped on the stairs, dumped her and broke my tailbone. Nursing a baby was uncomfortable for a bit. 😕

    I hope you're not in pain for too long. And here's to a better 2017.

  • Eve, I have broken many bones but never my butt. I have lived with MS for 12 years and finally doing PT along with training to learn to walk somewhat normal. (I use a cane) This year will be better for us all!

  • Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers! I haven't quite accepted that I have limitations that obviously are a permanent part of me now.

    My right hand and arm and right foot and leg are numb and disconnected feeling. They have been this way since February 2016 for upper limb and leg/foot since May 2016.

    I have not started a DMD as of yet. I see the new neurologist again February 24. At present, I am on baclofen ,lyrica, prednisone,albuterol (asthma) and norco. I've had IV steroids and remain on the oral one at low dose for now,for an RA flare that I have been in the midst of. Go me,lol!

    I am still adjusting to my new normal. I've known since last February that it was likely MS. My half sister has MS and was the first to say that . I have had episodes in the past 10 years but always got passed off and attributed to other causes both by doctors and by me. Things became much worse last February. I have both brain lesions and spinal lesions. First neurologist refused to diagnose me because my lumbar puncture was clear.

    I still work full time but it's a struggle. I can't afford not to though. I am a PCA and care for handicapped kids.

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