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Hi All,

I hope your first day of the new year has been enjoyable. I've received so much helpful support and suggestions since I joined this community. I'm hoping someone may have some good suggestions or recommendations for me regarding my new question.

As you may or may not know I am 64 years old and was diagnosed with RRMS in 2011. My husband of 44 years is 76 years old and had a heart attack a few years ago and then recently had a serious fall that put him in the hospital for a month. As he is my primary helper we have been finding it difficult to complete some of the routine household tasks. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any resources that are available two help us with that type of thing. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Much thanks,


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  • Hi Blcasey279 You've come to the right place l hope. 😊 I'm so sorry to here about your husband. How is he doing? How are you doing? I hope your getting some help if you need it.

    As far as resources to l suggest getting ahold of MSAA. They will be able to give you all the information you need. 😊


    1 (800) 532-7667

    You can also get ahold of National MS Society. 1800-344-4867 they might be able to help also

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!


  • Thanks for the great suggestions. Im making a list of resource now as I've gotten some great suggestions! I'm so grateful I found this group😃


  • Brenda, it may also be worthwhile to do a quick search of churches in your area and their outreach ministries. Many churches have programs to provide "around the house" help to seniors, the disabled and the home bound.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. That was definitely not something Ihad thought of.


  • Blcasey279, I'm very sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he is recovering well.

    I don't know about your insurance, but I guess it might be Medicare? I'm not too well versed with that (yet--but it won't be too long 😉) but I do know some supplemental insurances provide in-home care. Your doctor or your husband's doctor may have some ideas as well. Check with senior services too. Our state (WA) has that and can be a wealth of information. I went there when seeking help with my mom and her move out near me.

    I hope you are able to find help soon, and pray for a better year for you and your husband.

  • Thank you So much for the suggestions. Between my husband and I we make quite the pair I guess. He's recovering fairly well but he just doesn't have the stamina and energy he used to. The fall has also limited him in what he can physically do.

    And as for the whole "senior" thing we're both still trying to figure out when that happened to us. I guess I just don't think of those type of resources for myself yet. Those were for my dad. But I certainly am going to check into them.

    Once again... thank you!


  • You may not yet qualify for senior services Blcasey279 (and certainly not trying to age you before your time 😉), but with your husband's age and your combined disabilities, I would think you could find some help. Will be praying that is so.

  • I'm not sure what the age requirement is either but I'm definitely going to check it out tomorrow. I've gotten some really great suggestions and I really appreciate everyone.

    I'm growing fond of this group already

  • Their are programs, that I am told are in all 50 states, that help elderly who need help. They are are administered by Medicaid and can provide lots of services such as someone to help around the house, care givers for bathing, cooking, etc. Each state uses the money that they get for this differently so you just have to call around. In Tennessee it is called the Medicaid Waivers program or sometimes just the Waivers program. There is also a Waivers program for the handicapped. There should be an agency, in your area, that you can call that has information on all relevant organizations. Call your local government office, they should be able to help.

  • Bycasey279 it's Fancy1959. This is always a difficult dilemma for people. If you find your household is currently homebound due to your husband's fall injury and you illness talk to your neurologist. Perhaps they can get a social worker to come to your home if you qualify for a home bound benefits. Then they could come out a day or two a week to assist with tasks around the house. If that doesn't work contact your National MS Association and see if they can recommend anyone in your area to help. Their phone number is 1-800 - fight MS. They have Regional Offices throughout the nation and they can give you the phone number of office in charge of your location. In that office will call you and give you any pertinent information they can about getting assistance for your needs. That's all I can think of right now. If I come up with any other ideas I will be sure to let you know. Please take care of yourself when your husband. Remember together we are stronger! Fancy

  • I'm sorry for all you and your husband are going through. Besides churches, you may want to check for senior services that are offered by most counties and states.

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