Health challenge together??!!!

Health challenge together??!!!

Everyone 2016 is almost over,and we're here together working towards the same goal to get Well!! So, I'd like us to work together this upcoming year by placing health/diet ideas and solutions, menus; so that, we can all rid our bodies of this dreadful illness.

Since we're using this site as a vertical support group, we can place helpful links for stretching, exercising , positive quotes, or whatever .. the goal of this health challenge is to support one another while we're traveling on this journey together healthy!!!

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  • Fantastic idea Aldasia1

    Did you have a specific way to organize this in mind? I'm not sure I understand "vertical social support"

    By the way, I have a message pending with the Paralyzed Vets of America. Will see what pans out. Thank you.

  • erash , yes I'd like for everyone to use this medium as a means to discuss and share helpful tools/hints with everyone that'll help lessen the effects of MS.

    For instance, I have a good friend whose following the Wahl's Protocol and her neurologists reported to her earlier this month she's experiencing re myelination. In this case, I'd advise others to stay away from anything white( sugars , pastas, bread, etc.), and encourage fruits, veggies, and nuts! Something like this.. does this help?

  • ? What level Wahls gave her those results? I did feel better for awhile at the Wahls paleo level but couldn't up it to the level 3 --too strict for me.

  • erash, she's gone through the whole thing, and her neurologist has been practicing for over 20 yrs., and she says she's placed her in a group by herself. She said that because my friend hadn't used any disease modifying drugs in over 2yrs., and she doesn't have any active lesions, or no ones either. She's doing so good in the diet her neurologist has given her 2 MRIs this year, and each time she's amazed by the results! Shucks, I'm amazed too!

    I believe the bulk of the change occurred when she entered into the ketosis stage. Yes, I totally agree when you say it's very stringent.

  • Aldasia1 very impressive! Wahls diet is currently in a MS funded research trial.

    Certainly good research that ketosis helps with seizures

  • erash , I'm gonna focus on the Wahl's Protocol this upcoming year! I started for 3 months and slacked off cause I had the urge to eat more seafood, and those occasional sodas, but it has to stop! I guess this was one of the reasons why I suffer with fatigue. Before I moved away from following the diet, I had tons of energy, and I can't think about it being nothing but my dietπŸ˜’

  • I did well at level 2 for 90 days until I went out of town for 3 days . I tried to stay as close as I could to the diet but was a bit frustrated that my symptoms came back so rapidly within that brief period. II still try to eat healthy but I've definitely gone off Wahls.

    I will look forward to hearing how it goes for you. Perhaps u can motivate me to get back on board.


  • What is Wahls Protocol? Is it a book i can get?

  • Midgey_Midge06 yes, there's a book (might be at your library?). U can also get a glimpse at the websites around (dr Wahls is pricey).

    Essentially an accelerated paleo diet that focuses on anti-inflammation and myelin repair.

    There are 3 level, starting with increased fruits and vegies, next Paleo, then paleo plus ketosis (VERY low carbs to include limited fruits and veg.) lots of fats and mod. protein.

  • I see my neuro at the end of the January so i will ask him about it. Sometimes he will get books for me. He got me a book that was 300 tips for people w MS. It was all life hacks to make things easier.

  • Midgey_Midge06 sounds fantastic. can u share he title of that book @ the life hacks?

  • Ya totally. I just gotta find it real quick

  • I am posting a pic of it in a new post

  • I'm temporarily staying with family while applying for disability. (I hope it's only temporary!!) I eat fairly healthy when I'm on my own...although with room for improvement. But while I'm here its a struggle. I hope those of you trying Dr. Wahl's protocol will post as you try it. I'm curious to see how you do. I haven't tried Paleo programs in the past because I don't like a lot of meat even though I'm not vegetarian either. Such a complex topic!

  • There are private FB groups for Wahls. You can peek in and see how others manage Wahls and the many testaments of success they have had. Other autoimmune diets have similar principles, some more or less stringent.

  • It is so hard when u r staying with someone. U r kinda stuck going with their dietary needs and wants. Even with me, my fiance travels for work. I do well when he isnt home but he has been home for a month and i am afraid to weigh myself! We have had so much sugar and fried foods its horrible! He swears we r gonna start eating better but so far i dont see it

  • get it exactly! Even when I cook dinner so that it's from scratch, there are so many things that are off limits that it's a big challenge. They also keep a lot of tempting junk food around like cookies and chips and my willpower isn't always strong. I didn't keep that stuff in my own home. Sigh. I'm just hoping I can get back into my own place by summer..

  • Totally understand! I will send good vibes and prayers your way. Keep me posted πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  • Raingrrl , the health challenge isn't necessarily built on Wahl's Protocol. Any diet idea is suffice cause we're here to learn.

  • Aldasia1, it's Fancy1959. What an awesome post and an equally awesome idea.

    My post is not near as involved as the Wahl's diet being discussed. But i believe, sometimes, if we literally start with small bites instead of a complete dietary change, it might be easier to get others started in a different dirrection. You know how many of us with Ms fight the dreaded leg cramps and muscle spasms. What I have found that works really well to help my leg cramps and muscle spasms is to make sure every morning I include one to two helpings of fruit for breakfast. I try to eat a lot of different types of melon if I can find them at the store, grapes, or bananas. i pair the fruit with a big glass of milk with my fiber in it, and two hard boiled eggs and I have a low calorie, healthy breakfast full of protein that keeps me full till lunch. It's awesome . It has really gone a long way in helping me lose weight. If I miss the fruit for a couple days the stupid leg cramps come back with a vengeance. They're the kind that wake me up from a dead sleep! They usually hit me in my calf muscles and in my arch of my feet. They typically make me want to scream out loud they hurts so bad.

    Please continue to post about the Wahl's diet. I know I'm interested in learning more about it and I'm sure it could benefit the entire chat room to do so also. Thanks for starting this amazing post. Fancy

  • Fancy1959 , yes, this is exactly what I'd like to happen in the health challenge!! If we continue sharing information like this we'll help each other lessen the effects of this dreadful illness, so that, we'll HEAL together because positivity goes a long way!!! Please continue sharing your ideas!!!

  • I exercise 2+ hours a day. (I did this even when I was working). Granted, I love exercise but now I look at it as my job. I fear if I stop moving my body will forget how to do it. Some days my legs do go on strike and refuse to receive messages from my brain. Those days I modify my activity, but I still keep moving.

    While this may seem a bit obsessive (and likely is) the principles of neuro plasticity help rewire your brain. So my hope is that strengthening will help support any weakness, stretching will help thwart spasticity and pain, agility exercises will help my brain connect with my body when I ask it to move in different directions.

    Research repeatedly demonstrates that exercise/fitness is good for physical, cognitive and emotional well being. It also makes me feel I have some control. Even if I'm not making huge gains, perhaps I'm slowing down any decline.

    Ok, I'll climb off my soapbox now 😳

  • erash , you're absolutely right!! It's always a good thing to change exercises daily rather than continue to do the same thing daily cause it provides variety. I know you remember how we did while serving in the military when we used to run on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we used to conduct stretching, push-ups, side straddle hops, or sports day.

    Yes, this is exactly how I'd like us to conduct our health challenge because I'd like us to get healthy together!! When this happens we can Heal together too, because you know a positive mind does something to our bodies!!

  • Aldasia1 LOL PT (physical training) when I joined the Army post Vietnam Nam was a joke, done infrequently and w/o any forethought. My first PT test at my first duty assignment was a few laps sauntered around a school gym (Ft Knox 1977)

    Things improved over my time in service but never got to the be all you can be images most people imagine when they think @ today's Army πŸ˜…

  • Awesome, what kinds of exercise to you do? I was swimming laps(12) and walking laps at local gym, then sleeping for hours after. Know I need to get back at it as I'm slowly gaining about a pound a month.. anyone else's suggestions appreciated.

  • CalfeeChick if I tell, promise u won't kick me off this chat room?

    run, walk, weights, stretch, agility, balance, tai chi, yoga, and now my trike (swim in the summer)

    I'm convinced I need to stay in motion or my body will forget how to move. I have seen improvements in my balance. I can now walk down stairs without a death grip on the railing. I am very slow and swear people must wonder why that woman is running in place. I've learned to ration my activity thru the day and take rest breaks and that seems to be working for me.

    Can I add that I am supremely grateful that I can still be in motion.

  • Well we will just have to call you RMS Wonder Woman! That was me maybe 10 years ago. Guess I better get back in that gym at least start trying. Thanks for the reminder of what we can do!!

  • I am in a private FB group and a woman posted that she ran a 5k for MS charity and was training to run a marathon. I thanked her for doing this for MS and wished her well in her training, Only to discover that she also had MS and the marathon was her personal challenge. By the way she has severe neuropathy, pain with running and leg weakness.

    On my door I have a picture of a cyclist with amputations of his left arm and left leg competing on a regular racing bike in the Para-olympics. The picture says, "don't tell me you can't "

    CalfeeChick i know you can do it! πŸ‘Š

  • Oh yea, almost forgot...ha ha....I am also 100+ days doing daily meditation. A simple starter for those who have trouble with keeping their mind still is the Dr Weil 4-7-8 breathing exercis (Google). Takes only a few minutes.

    My fav. Is an app called Head Space. $14/mos. I think they still have a free 2 week trial offer. You can set time limits and focus on a variety of things during the meditation: self esteem, acceptance, eating, sleep, and there's a 3 min. SOS you can use for emergencies. Love head space!

    There are other free apps but I've found head space the best for me.

  • What a wonderful idea Aldasia1 I know that a few people use the Wahl's Protocol, we had a post on it a while back.😊

    I do have to say though~

    * Before Anyone Starts A New Diet or Exercise Program to Check with your PCP and Your Neurologist FIRST!*

    Just because it works for 1person doesn't mean it will work for another.


    ps l seriously wouldn't cut out all white food though, learning to eat in moderation and listening to what your body needs. It will let you know if you need fruit, veggies, meat, fish, bread and even pasta. Denying yourself sets you up for failure. That's my opinion.

  • Jesmcd2 , I'm not particularly saying anyone to follow my diet choice. My goal of this health challenge is for us to share healthy ideas with one another.

    The Wahls Protocol is MY CHOICE NO ONE ELSES SO THEY DONT HAVE TO FOLLOW, but I'd like them to share they're healthy choices with others.. it can be food, exercise/ yoga, and even vitamin choices, etc. I just want us to work towards getting healthy together, and using this medium to do so.

  • Jesmcd2 , no I would never tell anyone to deny themselves veggies, fruit, fish, meat, but I will tell them to eat carbohydrates in moderation though. I would also advise them to check out chia or flaxseed( grounded-- organic) and use them in their smoothies. They provide a great source of Omega 3 which is a good source to reduce cholesterol.

  • I firmly agree with that Aldasia1 😊 l just need to make it clear that they check with their Drs 1st 😊 Me, l could never follow a diet ugh! But still lost a ton of weight since l have gotten this monster. Not sure if it's a good thing or not πŸ˜•


  • I have a habit of always wearing black. It's easy. I don't have to think about matching. πŸ˜‰

    I'm trying to add some color, even if just via an accessory like a scarf/bandana. I think it brightens my day 🌈

  • I was advised to take evening primrose oil every day as it helps stop inflammation in the joints. So far after taking it for nearly 2 years that is one thing that I don't experience. I am not reccomending it but I take it daily by faith, blessings Jimeka

  • I would love to be part of a health challenge! Count me in!

  • I just ordered the Wahl's Protocol book from Ebay, Just over $13.00 and free shipping. There are many on there to order. Looking forward to reading about what I should be putting in my body.. As I told my hubby last night, "I'm sick of being sick!"

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