Are these symptoms common??

I've been having a lot of psin especially in my left arm, shoulder & neck. I get bad headaches and my vision goes whacky. My legs sometimes feel like my bones are gonna burst through my skin. I have to pee very frequently. I have very bad constipation. My memory is bad. I get very overwhelmed, frustrated & emotional frequently . I'm fatigued often. I have numbness and tingling in my face. I often wake up choking on nothing. Meds don't seem to help.

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  • While everyone is different, a lot of what you described is very common with MS symptoms. I have a few of the ones you mentioned myself.

  • Unfortunately the symptoms you describe are quite common. I suffer from pain on the left side of my neck. I have virtually every symptom you mentioned except the bowel and bladder problems and waking up choking. I have migraine headaches and fatigue plus All of the cognitive problems you mentioned. The loss of emotional control and overreacting to every day stressors, inability to problem solve or trouble figuring out what steps to take to accomplish a routine task. I am easily distracted and therefore have trouble finishing anything. I have no patience for my problems and feel stupid all the time. I guess that wasn't a helpful reply, just a confirmation that This is MS. If you are in a compassionate state you should try simpson oil at bedtime.


  • Hi TracyShort

    I'm new to this group as well as newly diagnosed with MS. My memory has become the worst and I too say to myself that I feel like I'm stupid. It's not a good thing to say to ourselves but the fact that I'm so forgetful, lose my thought in the middle of a conversation, etc., it's beginning to drive me crazy. I'm a mother of a 4 year old who's about to start kindergarten, my job is to problem solve, I can't become stupid but I feel like it's out of my hands.

  • I assume you have been diagnosed with MS?

    I share your bladder and bowel problems, along with the fatigue, cognitive and sensory issues. I am sorry you suffer with those and so much more.

    Have you discussed this with your neurologist? If the meds you're currently taking aren't working, your doctor should be able to try something else. If your neuro can help with even one of your symptoms, I think you'll feel a little less frustrated or overwhelmed. Once that is helped, he/she can tackle another one.

    I know my symptoms won't go away (and yours may not either), but calming them, or helping me to better deal with them really helps me remain more positive.

    My thought and prayers are with you. 💕

  • Thank you !! I start to think I'm going crazy with the MS symptoms. I have everything you mentioned plus extreme weakness in my legs especially. It helps to know I'm not alone.

  • I like your name, doveflyfree!💕

  • Thank you !! I came up with the idea when I left my abusive ex husband!!

  • I thank you for helping me !! I will talk to my Neuro in the next few weeks. It sure messes with my moods and I cry ALOT !!! I try to stay focused on God and why I'm on this earth. I'm thankful for my children and family and friends that keep me going!! This site has given me great support!! Thank you and God bless you!!

  • Wow, you sound like I felt with the first couple of months. I didn't have eye or arm issues, but did have many of the other symptom you've described. It was 5 months yesterday since I went numb from ribs down. I'm still trying to find my "new normal" and trying to be accepting of what I can't change. Talk with your doc and maybe try some new meds. I've learned to take a fiber supplement every morning and 3 stool softeners at night to get on a more regular schedule with bowel problems. I'm finally starting to drive more frequently after not driving for months. Be patient, keep coming back here.. Hopefully others may be able to make helpful suggestions or encouragements. Lynn

  • I'm sorry you're having such a load of symptoms right now. It feels good to vent here about our myriad weird symptoms. I can relate to many of yours, and I'm sure at least one person here to your others.

    I hope you have found a good neurologist who can address each of these problems and even prevent some from occurring in the future.

    Hang in there! You sure aren't alone.

  • I have many of those same symptoms, like TUTU said, most of us have at least one time or another. I have real problems with constipation, get headaches every night, and have some cognitive issues, just minor at this point. I don't let myself feel overwhelmed very often, I've kind of taken the approach "I'm tired and it will be there tomorrow" and even if it is the middle of the day, I put on my nightgown and go to bed! I realize that won't work for everyone, but I have learned that when I'm tired I just can't get anything done. I am so very so you are going through this. Ms is very challenging. I sure did not know that until I got it. Please stay in touch and let us know how things develop. You are in my prayers. Kelly

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