Negative oligoclonal bands

My CSF came back negative. Information seems pretty limited about this, and much of it is conflicting. There seems to be some sort of consensus that about 5-10% of folks who test negative still have MS, but some end up having another demylenating disease.

My MRI showed multiple demylenating lesions, and my symptoms match MS.

Now what? My neurologist wants to do further testing, which we will discuss at my appt. on Dec. 9. What kind of testing should I expect? I've decided not to tell my family about the confusing results, since that could really throw them. I'm having a hard time wading through studies to find any answers.

Forgive me for being a "post hog."


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  • A neg LP result doesn't mean you don't have MS, greaterexp. I had 2 over the years. One was positive and the other wasn't. There is no ONE definitive test for it. I'm surprised your neuro finds this inconclusive. I would assume other tests (for lupus, etc.) had already been done and those diseases that mimic MS were ruled out prior to your diagnosis.

    I'm sorry. I know it's hard to do, but I pray you can push this aside. Getting an MS diagnosis is hard enough. Having it questioned after the fact is equally, if not more, disturbing. I know. It took 9yrs before I was diagnosed. I was then undiagnosed 2 years later. Then diagnosed all over again.

    So let your doctor ride that rollercoaster on his own. Enjoy your family and your Thanksgiving together. Come back and voice your fears and frustrations as often as you need to. And let us know when your next appointment is. Sending you a hug. 💕

  • I agree with all Tutu said. Big hugs to all and u r NOT a post hog.

    MS leaves us with so many unanswered questions.

  • My CSF was also negative (I insisted on this test). My MRI is demyelinating disease (many lesions).

  • greaterexp This doesn't mean anything, because they found O bands in my LPand the MS specialist said they are actually not relying on a LP as a confirmation of MS.

  • My doctor would not let me have a LP, he said that there wasn't enough evidence available to support it being conclusive enough for ms. So you enjoy your thanksgiving and don't think about anything until your next appointment. Praying for you, blessings Jimeka 🌈

  • I'm so sorry it wasn't a conclusive test. MS seems to be a slippery eel of a thing to pin down.

    My mom was in a full blown horrible RA flare and her ANA test was negative. Remember, it's only one test.

    Hang in there and enjoy your thanksgiving day ❤️!!!!!

  • greaterexp l wouldn't worry too much about it. My Dr wouldn't even give me one. He said that they weren't always accurate and the MRI already proved it. So it was unnecessary.

    Just enjoy your holiday ♡

    And don't stress!

  • I've always wondered if they show up in the LP when not in a flare.

  • I read in only one study that they are less likely to be present during a remission, but other papers stated that they are always present despite symptoms. Who knows?

  • Can l make a suggestion greaterexp ? Stop reading things on the net. And wait til you talk to your Dr. You are going to stress yourself out. Your doctor will hopefully have the answers *hugs* ♡

  • Good suggestion. The tech from the neurologist office called about the result and actually suggested I look up some things, so I'll be better prepared for the office visit in Dec. I only spent about an hour looking, and I haven't looked since. I agree that one can be easily overwhelmed with information from the net, and a fair amount of it is unreliable.

    You all are so helpful here!

  • Why would a tech call with results? I guess lm confused about that anyway. I had a tech call me once about some sinus x-rays, and he got fired cause he told me that it looked like cancer. Freaked me out! And he had no right to do that. So lm just confused lol like always :D

  • I understand what you're saying. They offer online access to test results as soon as they are available, so I already knew the results. She was letting me know that the doctor would be looking at doing more testing, perhaps even at the next appt. It may have been an RN calling under directions from the doctor. There were a few instances when, as an nurses, we would phone some results to patients. Certainly never something like cancer! Things have sure changed, however. I see medical technicians giving immunizations. Back in my day, one had to take a pharmacology class before taking on that responsibility.

  • Ahhh l gotcha greaterexp , l always forget about the online results. Which is stupid cause l just used them about the shots. Duh on my part lolol

    Sometimes I feel out of place here and confused. I didn't have all this testing done, and it didn't take me yrs to get a dx'ed. I was just tossed in.

  • I feel the same way, but you certainly aren't stupid! Having test results available online is new to me! I was a nurse in the dark ages, so there is so much that keeps changing. It's hard to keep up with!

  • Iona60 I believe the O bands are always present. This is how they rule out other diseases.

  • My bands were inconclusive too but I have MS diagnosis. Doc said sometimes does not show but that does not mean you don't have MS. I have 1 brain lesions and 1 spinal lesion. And lots of symptoms.

  • My brain MRI showed multiple lesions. (At least they found a brain--now I have proof!)

  • The other thing to remember even if you have the O bands is that MS is not the only thing that can cause them. For instance my neuro told me the pneumoncoccil meningitis that I had at age 3 could have caused at least some of my o bands. He thinks it probably did because I have more o bands than normal with an MS diagnosis. So, like everything else O bands are not definitive for or against MS. Aren't we the lucky ones to have a disease that loves to play hide and seek. The slippery little devil. LOL.

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