My husband has MS for 35 years and has really not had the pain that most experienced. He says he is uncomfortable at times but no pain until now. Back lumbar that goes to his side and last night around to the stomach. It's like a catching pain that if he moves a certain way it hurts. For him to ask for pain meds it must be bad. Does anyone else experience this? It's not constant and he does use a wheelchair all day. Just wondering. Thanks in advance

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  • Good morning mcheri, I'm Fancy1959 and I would wish to welcome you and your husband to this wonderful chat room. We become more of a family than a chat room and we are growing exponentially. We have become a safe haven for anyone and everyone to ask questions in the form of post to reply back to the post and to share laughs and sorrows with one another.

    If your husband has not had this pain before and it's that severe I suggest you get in to see your doctor immediately. Don't mess around with any advice from people who aren't doctors, get your husband some help. If it was just in his lumbar I wouldn't be as concerned. But when it wraps around all the way to his stomach and he has pain in his stomach that bothers me immensely. I am not a doctor but this has set my gut instincts off. It would benefit both you and your husband to find out what's wrong. It could be absolutely nothing and if so that would take the stress away from both of you a stress that neither one of you need right now! Please keep in touch and let me know how your husband is how your husband is doing Cheri.

  • thank you. nurse coming tomorrow will check.

  • Oh that is perfect cheri! Again please keep us in the loop and let us know how both you and your husband are doing. He has been truly blessed if he has had a MS for 35 years and this is the first major concern he has had.

  • mcheri, I totally agree with Fancy1959. I understand what you are going through I am a caregiver too. Husband diagnosed in 2004. He is not in wheehchair, should be, but refuses, even a walker. This problem needs to be addressed as Fancy1959 said. Let us know how it goes. Warm hugs.

  • God bless all of you caregivers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 💕

  • Hello @mcheri - This is Budgieman, just here a day. The cause of pelvic or lumber pain can be difficult to pin down. I went through something like that for about a year. The problem was diagnosed and surgically treated just a couple months ago. But it really had me suspecting the worst for some time. No two doctors agreed, which made it very difficult to decide how to treat it. Then, one of them ordered, I believe, a CAT scan that included the bladder. The scan clearly showed the bladder to be filled with stones. The pain had several favorite locations, some rather far from the bladder. Treatment consisted of going in and, one by one, blasting the stones with a laser, breaking them down to sludge, which was then washed out. All this was done with me asleep of course. It was the perfect treatment - haven't had a twinge since. Note that I'm not suggesting that your husband has bladder stones, only pointing out that diagnosing the source of the pain can be difficult and uncertain. Whatever it is though, needs to be identified and tended to.


  • Thank you for that info...he does have a uti every couple of months. Have to check it out...

  • Sure hope he gets relief. Has he ever had back problems such as a herniated disk? The symptom described sounds much like what I felt when I did have a herniated disc many years ago. Especially since you said it hurts when he moves a certain way, that could be the pinching of an inflamed nerve. Pray that you'll find the cause and are able to get treatment.

  • Thank you and yes he was a former truck driver so had issues with back but was wondering if it could be a lesion pressing

  • The nurse should be able to let you know. Perhaps a heating pad or ice pack might help. I loved the heating pad and hated the ice, but learned to love it.

  • @mcheri, I don't think it could be a lesion pressing anywhere. That's not the way lesions are. But pain like that could be due to a gallstone or a kidney stone. I've had more episodes of kidney stone pain than I care to think about, and that pain is very intense, almost unbearable. The pain was in the flank area but radiating around to the front as well. It would go away in about a day or two, sometimes in less than a day, but each time it was terrible. I just waited it out but sometimes Soma (carisoprodol) was helpful. It's a doctor's rx and is usually a controlled substance. I'm not saying this is what your husband has or that Soma will help him--just saying that this is one of many things that could be going on. It's usually a good idea to look at everything else that could cause a problem before blaming the MS because many problems are fixable if you can find out what is causing them.

  • Thank you yes he has had an active lesion laying on a nerve in his shoulder. Dr gave steroids and that helped for the shoulder. Dr is away until Monday Waiting for nurse

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