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People have been requesting the link to the petition on which requests the Congress to amend the Social Security Act to allow patients on government-assisted prescription plans, such as Medicare Part D, to have access to direct financial assistance offered by drug companies to help pay for the often otherwise unaffordable medications for MS and other rare and/or orphan diseases. All of the politicos are talking about Medicare as an "entitlement," as if Medicare beneficiaries are asking the government to help support them, but Medicare and Social Security have been paid for by all of us during our working lives, unlike other "entitlements." None of asked to be ill with these diseases; I know that I'd rather be out working and doing what I was trained to do instead of sitting here watching my body deteriorate even as I try to keep it in shape by eating right and exercising; having increased memory and cognitive deterioration when I was once sharp and able to think on my feet in a nanosecond; and all of the rest of it. This government has a social, moral and legal compact with its citizens to protect them, especially by caring for us when we can no longer care for ourselves because we can no longer work, and we have paid for that care! WE ARE NOT EVEN ASKING FOR ANY ADDITIIONAL GOVERNMENT FUNDS! THIS AMENDMENT TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT WOULD COST THE GOVERNMENT NOTHING! The only thing it would do is to open up an avenue of financial assistance directly from the drug manufacturers who already offer this assistance, but because of the anti-kickback provision of the Social Security Act patients on government-assisted health plans, such as Medicare Part D and Medicaid cannot access this assistance. Thus, many patients are forced to choose between their medication--and their lives--against the basic survival of their families. It is a disgrace that in a country such as the US Americans are forced into such a choice. MAKE CONGRESS BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THOSE THEY REPRESENT! MAKE SURE THAT CONGRESS KNOWS THAT IT IS DEPRIVING A WHOLE SEGMENT OF THE POPULATION NECESSARY LIFESAVING MEDICATION AND THAT WE WILL NO LONGER STAND FOR IT! SIGN THE PETITION NOW AND INVEST IN YOUR OWN LIVES!

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I am one of those people who you describe. My doctor says there is nothing more he can do to help me. I signed .the petition


Thank you for your support, lightweaviing. I have been trying to work with my own Congressional representative and senator and am basically being ignored. Nobody is tackling this issue and it is going to take a grassroots movement. If you could now pass it on to your social media friends and contacts and get them to sign, it would be very helpful. None of us can lose hope. I was a '60s activist and I will not give up until somebody in DC gets it and does something about it. We have rights, too.


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