Everyone with MS knows how expensive MS medications are. The drug companies who make these drugs have programs to provide them to patients who otherwise cannot afford them at low or no cost. Commercial insurance often covers them with low co-pays, or the manufacturers' financial assistance programs can pick up the co-pays or co-insurances. However, if you are on a government-assisted plan, such as Medicare Part D, a glitch in the Social Security Act prohibits the manufacturer from providing you with any financial assistance. The best that can be done is to find a charity to help fund the co-insurance or co-pay, and these funds are scarce and the demand so high that they run out of funds almost immediately. It's time that Congress amended the SSA to allow individuals with rare diseases such as MS to get financial assistance from the manufacturers of these drugs. Please follow the link and sign my petition on to help make this a reality so that EVERYONE can have affordable access to their life-saving medications.

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  • I signed :) Good Luck

  • I couldn't get the link to connect, sorry

  • Try the follow-up. The problem is that I tried to embed it but it didn't work, so the follow-up has the actual link. That should work. THANKS TO ALL WHO SIGNED! IT'S A DISGRACE THAT PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY CAN'T GET THEIR NECESSARY MEDICATIONS AND HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THEIR MEDS AND THEIR FAMILIES!

  • I saw and heard on the news today that Congress was reviewing why epi-pens increased in price 500%. I would like Congress to investigate why Capoxone costs $10,000 monthly for 12 injections of a solution made up entirely of amino acids, AND has been on the market over 18 years, plenty of time to recoup any investmest costs!!! Even though there is financial aid for the co-pays, the insurance side still pays out their money to the Teva company in Israel and, therefore, increases the costs of all health insurance.

  • I couldn't find your petition. I'm sorry. I am not computer savvy.

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