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Had my first dose the week of 1/27/2016 It had been 2 years since my last MRI, had an MRI 7/12/2016 lesion on my spine. I figured it had been there before the lemtrada because my walking was bad before the infusion. Hoping this gets better I use a rollator full time. I have had MS for 17 years and I am 53. Just started having problems 2 years ago. I will get my 2nd infusion Jan.2017

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Please share with us how that goes. I've been very curious about Lemtrada. I pray it works for you.



Thank you so much, I had in Jan. at that time I was using a trekking stick for my balance. there is a group or 2 on FB about Lemtrada and a lot of the stories some good some no so good, they say after the 2nd dose things can turn around I hope that is true I now use a rollator full time. I had an MRI in July and I have a lesion on my spine, pretty sure it was there before the Lemtrada because my walking was bad before the infusion. I choose this medication because it is meant to STOP the progession not fix what damage is already done. It has been a wonder drug for some. They don't tell the stories where people have had bad experiances . I get my next infusion in Jan. 2017.

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