Howdy From Texas

Howdy From Texas

I'm 68 and was told I had MS lat in life only 6 year ago. This has been a new thing for me. like most of you I was doing a lot of different things with my life.Now I'm doing things,I used to do by now different then I used to. The chance has been a challenge. be with MSAA and there help thing have been a little easier.This has basically effected ly left side my leg from my two to my hip and my left arm , my speech, and sight. I don't Take heat well.

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  • I know the feeling Mik, tiredness and fatigue , I too was diagnosed 6 years ago and after leading a very active life, and now have trouble walking and writing, it's hard to accept, that's when the depression sets in, something else I have never before experienced. Hang in there God has plan for everyone. God bless

  • Thanks for the in put and hope it all helps.I can only take one day at a time and with gods help make another great day.

  • Best wishes on your journey, mik48.

  • It's something that me must all go throw taking it one step or movement at a time and thanking God that we can.

  • Welcome, Mik48. I don't know where you live in Texas, but I used to live in South Florida where the heat and humidity were killers. I also got it late in life (diagnosed at age 57) and it completely changed my life. Fatigue was much worse in the heat and humidity. Best of luck.

  • I live in central Texas,the humidity is not as bad as your state but bad enough.Thank the gods for air conditioning but it not much help when work out in the garden. just work a little rest a little.

  • It's not going to be that long it only seem that way.But I'm sure we're all looking forward to the cooler weather.You'll take care and stay cool.

  • Had a great week-end everone worked 31 hours and enjoied the cooler about you'll?

  • I would love to have cooler weather but here in Florida, that is still about a month away.

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