35 yesterday, praise God! Only thing is, this whole MS thing is really starting to make me angry!! Ugh! Always a fight!! May God always be with us unicorns!

Anyone else feel angry? I feel ripped off! Supposed to be in my "prime"... Forget running around with my twins (for now anyhow)...πŸ˜’ I'm doing my best to keep a positive attitude.

I'd need to be encourage at times too! πŸ™

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  • Hello kj9681, happy belated birthday. Mine was Friday (53yo) and it has been thirteen years. I see you're a believer, that's great. Just know HE has a plan for you. You wake up everyday and kiss your babies. So many don't wake up. Some of us can't run but we do other things that's just as important.

    I think I know how you feel. When I was diagnosed, it took me almost a year to get over being angry. I had to stop being mad, angry and sad and start enjoying life and enjoy my loving family the LORD gave me. I'm just a little slow and can't run but what I can't do physically I make up for emotionally. Good luck, stay positive and enjoy your loving twins. Let me know what you think.


  • Thank you, and yes...I won't lose this battle, God makes me win! I know this 😊 Just coming to terms with it all. I actually have 3 girls. The oldest is 13! They are each such a gift! I went to the mall with them and we took my transport chair. First time...actually made me feel free. Thank you for your response, it means a lot to me. God bless you!


  • No problem Kathy. Keep us informed on how you doing.

  • Happy Birthday Royjr hope it was a wonderful one

  • Thanks

  • I agree, encouragement is the thing that helps to refill the spirit. Don't forget that anger is not bad - it's an emotion. It's what you do with it that matters. I've found some good ears that listen and enjoy listening to others. You have beautiful children and a beautiful spirit. One thing I have been learning to do is give myself a break.

    Happy Birthday! (I was 56 as of July 27.)

    David and Millie (the wonder kitty!)

  • You're right! I can't stay upset...I choose life! Thank you for your post! God bless you!

  • Happy belated birthday! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ I, personally, think it is perfectly ok to be angry. I also believe He is always with us. Prayers for your increased energy with those babies and perseverance in trying to stay positive...

  • Happy Birthday Kj9681 hope it was a wonderful one! And believe me l hear ya about being angry. lm still pissed off that this thing has taken over my life. And the worst part is there is no one to be mad at. We just have to be greatful for what we have and can do and never give in.

  • Right! Nothing to do with fairness...ugh!! You're so right!! I could always be worse, right?

    Reminds me of when I was pregnant with my twins. People would say, "well, at least it's not triplets!".... Yeah, that helped, NOT! πŸ˜‚

  • Lol yeah that helps alot... kinda like when l got pregnant all 3 times on the pill ugh them telling me well l guess it doesn't work for you. Ya Think? Lmao All you can do is toss up your hands an say... suck it up buttercup. :)

  • Lol! I promise, I was on the pill when I got prego with the twins!! They owe me child support!! Lol!! All any of us can do is live! 😊

  • Keep smiling , be brave for your kids. I got this when I was in my early twenties..I;m happy to say I'm still walking 37 years later..Stay positive Elle

  • Yes ma'am!! I will! Thanks for saying that!! #hope ❀️😊

  • Kj9681, I'm Fancy1959 and I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday just slightly late or like I like to say "In MS Style!". I wish I could reach through this electronic link we have and give you a great big bear hug. Know that you are not the only one who is angry. You are not the only one who feels short changed and wonders what she/he did in life to deserve coming down with MS.

    Each and every day when the tears threaten and the depression hits as the legs give out and there's still work to be done I have to remind myself over and over again just how lucky I am to have MS. Yes I said we are lucky to have MS. I lost one sister-in-law to pancreatic cancer less than two years after she was diagnosed. She was in her late forties. I lost another sister-in-law less than three years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was in her mid-60s. We may not have the future that we imagined ourselves living but we will be alive to watch our children marry. We will be alive to play with our grandbabies. And we will live a long life and the fullest life that we set our heart out to do. We will be doing all of this while we pray and keep faith that each and every new therapy that comes along might be the new therapy that cures our MS. The research and the Therapies are coming at a very rapid pace. Keep your chin up. Remember together we are stronger. Reach out whenever you need us. Fight on MS Warrior, fight on.

  • Thank you so much! I really needed to hear those words from a sister in Christ! Amen! You're right... God knows when to send help my way. Your words touch me. ❀️

  • HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY!!! I won't say 'belated' because I believe in celebrating it all year long, so I'm NOT late! ;-)

    I'm still celebrating mine - August 28th - and it's almost 27 years since my diagnosis. Ain't life grand?!?!?!

  • It really is!' Thank you 😊

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