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Dutchie here, soon moving to Atlanta, GA


I will be moving to Atlanta later this year, but I really don't know what it's like to live with MS in the US. Health care etc. is covered, but i'm completely unaware of the practical side of it. For instance, i'd like to get a job for about 20-30 hours a week. Is that even possible in the US? And do you recommend telling about MS at a job interview (or is it mandatory?)

I would appreciate all your tips and experiences! :)

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Hi Betty, if you are not obviously disabled, do not disclose your condition! I advise very strongly against it, because even though it's against the law to discriminate because of a disability, potential employers could use other excuses to not hire you. The hours you suggested are available, but less likely in a professional setting, at least until you "prove" your worth.

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Thanks Lisa!

Here in the Netherlands they aren't allowed to ask about it either, so I guess I don't have to change my job-application-strategy :)


Betty it's Fancy1959 saying hello and welcoming you to this chat room. I agree 100% with Lisa that you should not list MS on your job application if you have no signs of having MS or disability from it. It is against our Federal law and privacy acts for your employer to inquire about your past medical history as well. I know due to the fact that my last employer bullied me into providing my entire past medical history. That was less than a year before I was diagnosed with MS.

I, for one, am still trying to figure out my MS and health care because it seems to be evolving and changing right before my eyes.. Health care is not automatically covered in the US. Employer's who hire part time help, (anyone working under 30 hours a week), are not legally required to offer any type of health insurance. Yet our current administration requires everyone to have heath care coverage or you can be fined. Then many of our health care plans revolve around access to one primary health care group or facility. My advice to you is to find yourself a good health care broker to point you in the right direction. Ask around to find yourself a "good " broker because some brokers are not very knowledgeable.

Welcome to this chat room and remember information is good and together we are stronger! Fight on MS Warrior, fight on.

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Thanks for your advice Fancy1959!

Fortunately, I will be covered by the health care plan of my Husbands employer. I think I have figured it all out, but to be sure I will hold on to my Dutch health care insurance untill everything is settled in the US.

As far as the rights of employees, I find that here in the Netherlands employers can really put you under pressure and I didn't expect anything less from bosses in the US. Hopefully I can find a decent job with a good company that treats its employees well. Fingers crossed! :)


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