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MS and facial spasms

I was recently diagnosed with MS and I currently have Hemifacial twitching. I just started my medication. I have relapsing remitting. It's getting pretty intense. I hadn't seen my husband for a week and when I came home he asked what happened to my face. It looks like the right side of my mouth is being pulled up and over and my eye is always squinted. What can I do? Is there a way to make it better or do I just wait it out?

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I would talk to your neurologist. There may be some physical therapy, or treatment that may be able to help. It could also be something besides MS causing it. I think it is always good to follow up with your provider, if you are confident with their medical knowledge and experience. Best wishes!

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I think I read somewhere that Botox injections will help this condition. I know the FDA has approved Botox for treatment in ME related issues but check with your neurologist. Good luck


To anyone that's had these same issues I saw my neurologist today and she has had me stop the tecfidera I started and I am getting another MRI to check for another possible flair. She said due to the high amount of steroids she had me take IV for 5 days it may have compromised my immune system and caused another minor flair. Will let you know what she says. And she did mention botox as an option if it's not a flair. Thank you guys for responding!


I just noticed your post. I have the same thing with the left side of my face. I am going for the official diagnosis of ms at the end of the month. My sister was diagnosed back in October of 2015. I asked her if this was a symptom of ms and she said she hadn't experienced anything like this. I thought I was having a stroke, I also have slurred speech.


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