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new and just trying to cope (vent)

I am new here. Hi I got my diagnosis in October 2011. I had a numbness on the whole left side of by body after being in a car accident. i have worked in the healthcare field and was working at the hospital and was diagnosed by a co worker. As of last year in April i had my relapse that has left me numb from the waist up to my chin with no feeling in my hand therefore I no longer can work and ADLs are difficult.

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Im feeling ya. I was dxed in 2010 havent told anyone till recently. Ive alawys been strong one all turn to. Its stating to become worse now and i have to let my secret out.


You are still strong! Maybe now you are telling people it will help you out and there will be lots of support for you! Sometimes even tho we hate to we need help to! It's ok not to be strong all the time! I know u don't know me but If u ever need someone to talk to I'm here! :)


Wow I can't even imagine what that would be like! I'm numb in spots from a few back surgeries and it drives me crazy. I'm sorry you have to go thru that! I also worked in healthcare. I was going to nursing school until I fell at work and had 4 back surgeries. Crazy how stuff happens! We just have to keep our heads up and keep fighting! I'm glad I found this page for support from others! My favorite saying: just keep swimming!!! from Dory! :)

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