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My Granuloma Annulare is cured - after cutting wheat gluten from my diet!


I've been suffering with bad granuloma annulare for over 10 years now and have seen several

dermatologists over the years, all of who have said there is no cure and it will go away naturally. However it has continued to get worse. I looked at various forums, many of which in the US, and saw that other people had cut out gluten and wheat following American doctors' advice. My sister is a coeliac (allergic to wheat gluten) and since it is genetic would make sense that I also might have some sort

of allergy. I cut out all wheat, gluten and barley a year ago and since then my granuloma annulare

has gone from horrible red rash rings all over my legs and hands to a barely noticeable skin coloured remnant. I think in another few months it will be gone completely! After cutting it out I also noticed I

was no longer constantly bloated, overweight and lethargic, so it seems the granloma was another

side-effect of a fairly serious food allergy. I'm not saying this will be the cure

for everyone, but I really think doctors need to give a lot better consideration to food allergies and

skin disorders as I've heard from other people that wheat gluten allergies have also been connected with psoriasis and eczema for them. If I can also help anyone to avoid the distress that I have

suffered the past 10 years because I was told there was no cure and it was not a life threatening

disorder so I had nothing to worry about, when it was ruining my self-esteem and more importantly

when it seemed I have been badly allergic to certain food. I am eternally grateful it is not in itself a life threatening disorder, I do appreciate it could be a lot worse and I feel for those people suffering from such other horrible conditions, but I do not think that it is not a reason for doctors and specialists to

dismiss the condition. Especially as it seems it could be an indicator of coeliac disease. This has to be fairly long term to work, it will probably take months rather than weeks, but it has finally gone and I am ecstatic. I cannot believe I have been suffering so long and it seems there was all this time a fairly simple cure.

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What lovely news! What a shame though that for 10 years you have been putting up with it and doctor's reluctance to consider dietary and or hormonal factors. For my eczema it is dairy products that I am best to avoid or restrict, and I would really like to see a research project looking at hormonal links to eczema.

Good news too that you have found that it is dietary for you too! I've seen a lot of people posting their GA cleared up when pregnant but then returned afterwards so it seems there is definitely a link there too. Please let me know if you find a website for research, I will gladly back you up in a petition!

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