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Help funny colour toe nail

I have just come back from a week in the sun and noticed i have a browny black strip on the right hand corner of my left big toe. it runs from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. I havent hurt it or stubbed it but i am worried about why ive suddenly got pigmentation of the nail. Its about a centremeter in width and the skin surrounding it is also slightly pigmented. Any ideas?

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Hi Loulou,

A brown/black stripe can sometimes indicate skin cancer of the nail bed, but this is rare.

People with darker skins can have brown/black stripes on their nails which are often harmless.

It might be nothing, but get it checked out by a doctor.

Nail Cancer Awareness Group (US website):

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Thanks i will. Im white british but my dad had cancer which started in the toe which is why im worried about it. Ill get an appointment asap


Take care, Loulou x


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