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walking on broken glass

I have pustular psoriasis diagnosed six years ago. I also have COPD and belong to that community too. So... can't breathe and every step is painful. Joining the COPD community has given me so much information I looked around for skin and found you! I can not tell anyone how to manage this disease as it is so much trial and error.

My type concentrates on hands and feet, minor destruction in other area's are rare. It is inherited and therefore life long. With eight grandchildren you can imagine how much I hope for a breakthrough in its suppression. This condition also can carry it's own form of Arthritus and it may be that my Arthritus is in that form I hope so as there is a treatment that can cope with both and I will see the Consultant on 7/11/12 and see where we go from there. The one thing I can offer if creams and lotions are not working for you is my new best friend Doublebase Gel. It's not a cure but it makes the skin more comfortable than any other I have tried. A good friend has Roseacre Acne and she uses that Gel and it helps her condition too.

Well that's me....I would love to hear from anyone who is suffering

similar conditions and has any tips or tricks I can try (subject to Doc's approval)

Jane with apologies for any spelling mistakes!

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Hi Jane,

Have you taken a look at the DermNet NZ site which gives some tips on living with your condition?

I have an inflammatory condition called Sweet's syndrome, and some of the medications and self-management tips are the same for both conditions. In my case, avoiding any skin irritation or skin damage is a must-do. It helps me to minimize the number of flare-ups that I have.

Shell x


Thank you Shell, I will have a good read and take questions/ observations to the Consultant on wednesday. Will let you know her replies.



Good luck x


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