salycillic acid

hi first time on here..i am currently being prescribed aqueous cream with salycillic acid to control the psorisis on my scalp. I was diagnosed with infantile eczema and asthma at 2 days old and have suffered ever since though with trial an error i manage to control all my limbs now but still suffer from a build up of histamine on my fingers causing extreme itchiness and split fingers, the ps started about 5 years ago and although the cream lifts all scabs it reoccurs again after about 6 weeks. i stopped using the betnovate as this was a major irritant as it contained lanolin, which the nhs discovered by patch testing! any ideas?

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  • Hi kjb70

    I have come across an excellent lotion that works well for psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. So much so that I now promote it myself. If you send your contact details to me at I will forward you further details and some to try. Best of luck.


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