update on last weekends madness

seems that it didnt end once his eczema had cleared up...grrrr

Wednesday morning our sons swelling in his eyes had gone right down, it was amazing although the skin was dry and still red he could see..

Bloody nightmare that evening though as he started being sick and having diarrhoea, He couldnt keep anything down and it was coming out of both ends as quick as we could get it into him..So i rang the childrens ward to see if we had been given open access, but we hadnt so i decided to ring out of hours G to see if we could get seen quicker than we would at a+e, unfortunatly it was 11.30 when i rang and we couldnt get seen till 2.30am grr...but he seemed ok so decided to wait.

He carried on being sick and passing stools, so when we got to the hospital he had got quite dehydrated and his eczema had flared up on his face..didnt swell though. The dr said he wanted him admitted straight away, so got us down to the childrens ward, they tried to rehydrate him using dioralyte but he was just bringing it back up, by the time the paedeatrcian came to see us he had got alot worse and his eyes were very sunken and his heart was racing..that they got him on a drip before the magic cream had chance to work...

They checked his bloods and stools and said he had gastroenteritis and this could of caused his eczema to flare up as bad as it did, rather than it being an allergic reaction.

Im def going back to the GP next week to see what they say!!!!

He seemed to get better till they gave him more anti biotics and he just started being sick and having runs...we were in for two nights with him and came out yesterday

Tired is an understatement and he is still far from being back to the bouncy little boy he was this time 2 weeks ago.....

Lets hope this is the end

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  • Does he have wheat and gluten allergy - it's common with immune disease problems if you cut out all dairy products except for cottage cheese and yoghurt, you might see an improvement - Spot

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