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Shingles advice

Can anyone give me advice on the above, l have all the symptoms but no rash after 10 days, pains down left side especially high in the chest , dizziness lethargy, occasional headaches , taking anti viral but doctor was unsure whether to prescribe them . Worried because no rash , temp ok though

Advice greatly appreciated please 😩

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Hi savoret - I am so sorry for this. I haven't had shingles yet (yet... - brrrr), but I found a site called healthline.com that had some great suggestions:

- Cooling baths (not hot) with colloidal oatmeal in them (the oatmeal actually does help... I got chicken pox at almost 60 and it was pretty horrible..

- Cool, wet compresses (not ice - cool water only)

- Baking soda or corn starch pain, smeared on and washed off after 15 minutes - several times a day as needed

- Light application of lotions or creams - not too heavy or they won't dry out. They suggest a cream containing capsaicin, but I don't know about that... the last item I used that it felt like it was literally burning my skin

- Herbal remedies - They list several that might help if you want to check them out...

If you can get to your doc, they have several medicines they can give you as well. I got chicken pox as an adult and it was totally miserable... You have my deepest empathy.. Sending you healing thoughts..


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