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malar od dermatitis


Hi! Can anyone tell me is it like malar rash or something else like sebborea or rosacea? I have this on my face al last 10 years. I dont have any simptoms of lupus. My scin is little scaly and very itchy. In my hair ther is also itchy and get scaling. Under my nose there is very itchy. Somethimes is itchy in my eyebrows and ears. The situation is worse in winter. In summer after going to sea it looks better. Thank you

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If you are in the UK visit your GP and if no results, ask for referral to dermatologist. It's difficult to self treat with home remedies until you know what you are trying yo treat.

I would see what the dermatologist had to say. But, in the meantime, I would start on Probiotic 10 or another with multiple strains. You may want to try eliminating dairy, eggs, and gluten and see if it makes a difference. There seems to always be a gut health/ diet component to skin issues. Hope you find your answers🙂