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My mom has a sore on her lip

Hey guys so my mom is a 55 year old white lady who has been smoking since she was 14 but stopped when she was 42. So she's actually in very good health because of quitting and according to her doctors she's very healthy. So she has a sore on her lip cause she well bit her lip really hard on accident. The other night we were eating dinner and some Italian dressing got inside the wound. So now it's very puffy and has puss in it. What could it be? It looks like herpes but it's just Italian dressing in a sore! What should we do?

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Or see if you can pick up an antibiotic cream maybe for direct application

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Try a dose or two of abreva. lysine also works wonders if it is herpes it could very well juat be irritated from the vinigar in the dressing and trying to scab up. But lysine and vitamins that support your immunity would be a good start I think


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