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Best Things For Chapped Lips!

I've been dealing with chapped lips for almost 5 years now. Here are some of the best products! And most of them are quite cheap! xx

1. EOS - evolutionofsmooth.com/

This is a really cheap product, but one of the best. It moisturises your lips without getting it to greasy or heavy and it really calms down the lip.

2. BLISTEX Relief Cream - multipharmacy.com/Blistex-R...

This relief cream is really good becuase it takes down the swollen-ness and makes your lip a more natural colour, instead of being red. It also has a refreshing tingly feeling, with is really good for your lips. What i do know is just put on the cream once or twice a day and im fine now.

3. BLISTEX Lip Care - naturesbest.co.uk/pharmacy/...

This is by the same make as number two, so its two in one basically, it keeps your lips moisturised and keeps it a normal colour and size, i really recommend this

TOP TIP: Never use Vaseline or anything super greasy as this will just cause your lips to swell up. Also, if you put loads of cream on and your lips still do nothing , then stop fiddling with it, as its probably only occurred as your fiddling with it and irritating it. NEVER lick your lips as it will go swollen. And NEVER open your mouth wide because it just cracks lips, and put slits into your lips and it became a habitat at one point for me.

Hope this helped, this is everything i do to keep my lips looking normal! xx

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