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Skin issues all my life

Hello, I am a 20 year old female with eczema all my life. It was really bad as a child, I couldn't move because my skin was cracked and inflamed from the constant itching and then scratching. It was literally head to toe.

It got better but in recent months it's taken on again. The same spots keep itching so even if it's scabbed over one day, it will itch like crazy in 5 minutes and I will open the wounds again and again and again. Many times it will then start weeping a clear fluid that is tinged yellow.

I don't know what to do anymore and I never going to have any peace. Someone please help.

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Hello, I suffered the same all during my childhood. It eased a bit but came back worse all over every part of my body from the age of 15. I was eventually referred to a skin specialist who eased it somewhat with strong steroid oitments but I noticed that in the winter it would return and I would have blood on my bed sheets in the morning and I'd have difficulty moving my head if I'd scratched my neck deeply.

My first breakthrough was when I turned 30 and was working on a project in Sri Lanka for 4 months from Nov to Feb (normally my worst period for eczema). My skin was brilliant which I realised was because of all of the sun I was getting out there.

When I returned my GP said it was likely due to the vitamin D from the sun.

After this I tried to get a sunny holiday during the winter months to give my skin a boost and take sun beds in between.

Then 5 years ago when buying a new home I had a water softener installed to my main water supply. Within a few weeks my skin had improved beyond recognition and you wouldn't know I suffered from eczema now.

I know my solutions won't help everyone but it maybe worth exploring?

Good luck, I know how depressing and hopeless it can make you feel xx

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I am struggling again at age 60+. I am on meds that remove oestrogen so skin very dry and itchy. I think soft water helps. We have relatively soft water where I live but last summer was on the Scottish islands, water is local and relatively untreated, even softer and my skin was better. May have also been more fresh air. Sunshine generally helps though I have also become more sensitive to sun and sun screen. Also heat sometimes contraindicated as warmth and moisture can encourage the horribly itchy pomphlyx eczema!

As far as treatment goes, NES recommend bleach baths (the recipe is on their website, it's very dilute) to kill staphylcoccus bacteria which are often found in eczematous skin and I think contribute to itchiness. And routine of emollient and coticosteroid cream is a mandatory mainstay.

Only those of us with the condition have any idea of why we HAVE to open wounds again and again. I have a patch on the undersole of my foot like that. People that don't know any better just think we're nuts.

Maybe one day we will find a cure.

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I have posting replies on eczema. My daughter suffered from it. Desitin max strength with zinc-oxide which helps protect skin moisture, UVA and UVB rays. I slather this on her before the beach. It cured all her eczema. Plus no dairy diet or at least minimal. Or check out zinc-oxide and benefits


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