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I belong to the PCa community, and have learned a lot about my advanced disease there. Now, I turn to this community to maybe help me with a facial skin problem I've been dealing with for years. Not all of my face actually, lower cheeks and chin area.

I don't want to bust on dermatologists, but of the four I've seen over the years, one was competent. I've dealt with some on a professional level and found them to be the most stuck up of all professionals. That said, my issue.

I have what I call white heads from hell. I've been removing these growths using all kinds of implements, including sewing needles to loosen them up, baby toe nail clippers, and of course all sorts of tweezers. Some are as large as a piece of rice, some with thin roots connected. This leads me to believe they're warts.

My PCP agrees with me to do what I have to do to relieve the pain of these things. This may sound crude, and put some people off, but I have a high pain tolerance, and have no problem with digging these things out. The real issue is that when they hurt it too late. Today, I removed two large ones, and there must be at least three more in the same place.

I hate to admit it, but I've become obsessive compulsive about my hair follicles, which have puss sacs when pulled out. It's painful.

Anything, anyone. Joe

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I hope you can get some help.


Last dermatologist said, "You're going to have to let that heal before I can do anything for you". Whaaat!?!


Hi there, I have had reactive skin most of my life. I can remember flare ups, too. Sorry you are being met with little help. I would hope you will consider using a gastroenterologist and allergist to attack you problems next. There are gut infections that cause facial lesions. Have a gut test done.

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