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Waiting Time

I always seem to have a problem getting an appointment to see a doctor for a problem I have with a skin rash or spots on my arms, legs. wrists and torso. Just had a letter to see the nurse which I actually got to see today and was greeted with the statement that I am a conundrum and she didn't know why I was asked to contact them. So now I have two telephone appointments with a doctor next week to discuss my current health problems and all I want is to see a doctor. I was advised to ring at 8.30 tomorrow or I can see one on the 14th of December that's 3 weeks away so I am seriously thinking of changing my surgery, does anyone know where I can get a better service than this or am I lucky to have a doctor compared to some others.

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Where are you rogrev? I live in a village near Dunfermline in Scotland and for non-emergency appointments the wait is over a week. But they have a certain number of appointments for 'emergencies' each day. We also have a pharmacy on the same site and the pharmacist can see you without an appointment! If I need to see a doctor I have sometimes found it faster to wait until the evening then head up to the minor injuries clinic at our local hospital.


Hi, I am PUGSMOM. I have had a severe breakout on both arms, legs, face. It will be a year March 2017 AND I FINALLY GOT MY ANSWER. My IMMUNE SYSTEM IS ALMOST NONEXISTENT. I FINALLY WAS REFERRED TO AN ARTHRITIS SPECIALIST AND FOUND OUT THAT I HAVE "LUPUS". Finally a DIAGNOSIS. Praying for you.


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