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Numbness on 'stache area?

My God have I had a week.

It all started when I met up with a friend who happened to have a cold sore below his lips. When I saw it I was automatically triggered because I remembered when I had a cold sore like that. For example, two years ago I had a cold sore that managed to turn itself into an insane virus (few spots on hands and legs, mouth area swollen with blisters).

Anyway, I didn't sleep with my friend, nor did we mooch since he, as well as I are straight as a pencil. ANYWAYS...

Shaking hands were just about what we did in terms of personal contact and I do remember him touching his cold sore there and then (God, why did I touch him!)

A few days later I experienced a tingling sensation on my 'stache area as well as below my lips. I almost started crapping myself because anyone that gets cold sores know how much of a pain in the butt it is. P.S I also realised my mouth would get dry during the night which was super unusual because I drink a lot of water.

The next morning my 'stache got numb. I thought it was dry skin since I have dry skin but to my surprise it wasn't.

The tingling sensation had escalated and was more frequent than day 1 so I got hold of my doc and he said I definitely am getting a cold sore. He told me to wait for the fever blisters or whatever to appear so he can prescribe me medicine. P.S my appointment was over the phone.

It has been almost 5 days and my 'stache area is still numb as heck. The tingling is there but it isn't as bad. P.S again, I started taking l-lysine 1000mg on day 3. What's happenening to me?

Here is some info about me I thought may be of interest regarding my question:

On March 2016 my Vitamin D levels were 17.5. This was also the month my cat died and I happened to have male pattern baldness at the age of 18 which increased my anxiety.

On March I recommended asked to start a course of 50,000iU Vit D twice a week for 6 weeks and then to just take 1,000-2,000 of iU of Vit D every day. I upped my dose to 5,000iU a month later and in October I decided to take Vit D once a week.

My question to you all is what is wrong with me? Is the symptoms I have actual symptoms of a cold sore or is it because of my stress and anxiety. I have really bad anxiety and I have no idea how to calm it down so do you think the numbness and tingling is related to that? I read somewhere online that stress and anxiety causes numbness, tingling etc. Also I have no lump on my throat which is weird since I always get that when I have a cold sore.

Also, how do doctors diagnose you for depression? I think I might have depression, but I do not wish myself to die. So, do all people who have depression wish to die or is that a really stupid question I am asking?

I understand there is only so much you all can say based on what I say but honestly I would love to hear what you guys think.

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Hi Raks-8

As you will know cold sores are viral so it may be that you have trace virus in your system but your white blood cells are doing their job for you. This might explain why you have some symptoms but no actual sore developing. But it could also still be enough to sap your energy a bit and no wonder you are getting stressed. Have you got a good mate that you could talk to about this? I don't know where you stay but I came across an organisation called CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) based in London that is doing a lot of work on men's mental health. I think most big cities will be doing something similar.


Hi the answer to your question is no they don't. Many do but that's not everyone. Why don't you do an online depression or anxiety test - there are loads of them and it might give you a guide. If you feel you are depressed or anxious (sounds more like that to me) the best thing is to go and see your doctor and get help. x


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