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Any makeup suggestions for papulopustular rosacea sufferer with very oily skin?

I have papulopustular rosacea (the type with redness, whiteheads, and inflamed red spots) and I need something to cover it. Here are my requirements:

1.) No-fuss: I don't want a three-part regime with all sorts of lotions and potions like toner, primer, concealer, foundation, powder. I'd like a 1 or 2 product application like mineral makeup or something similar

2.) It has to be cream and SPF-friendly - it needs to be able to go on top of Soolantra ,or whatever cream I use next, without loads of shine and cakey gunkyness.

3.) It needs to be less than £30

4.) It has to have a matte finish. I want no shine, at all. My face is incredibly oily as it is.

Desirable but not essential:

- Waterproof for swimming

- Easily removed without abrasives

Any suggestions at all, I'd love to have them

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if youre looking for a natural alternative to soolantra google before and after photo available.


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