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Is this Pityriasis Rosea?

In Feb, I noticed that a mole my husband has on his side, had a rash like a haloaround it. The rash then developed mainly on his truck and back, but also on his legs and arms. The GP has diagnosed Pityriasis Rosea but it's non typical in that it's not itchy or sore. However, it does look like hives and new patches are appearing all the time. It's now 6 months since we noticed the first patch and there are no signs of it disappearing! He's tried steroid cream and intensive moisturising on test patches with nothing making a difference. He was been diagnosed with ME this year and we're fairly sure there is some problem with his autoimmune system as he's had two conditions, diagnosed by Consultants, which have then cleared up completely much to everyone's confusion. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to deal with this rash, we'd be very grateful.

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Have you tried something like Savlon or diluted TCP as an antiseptic? Milder by far than the corticosteroids. I have eczema that up until very recently mainly affected my legs and feet, but is now affecting my trunk and arms as well. I think it is all eczema, but again, some not responding so well to the traditional emollient/steroid combination.


No we haven't - but will certainly give it a go! Thanks for the suggestion πŸ‘


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