Pityriasis lichenoides chronica

Hello everyone

I am a 49 year old woman, and I have had pityriasis licehnoides chronica for over twenty years. It is no comfort to read that it is more common in males than in females, or that the most common occurrence is in adolescent boys!

It's the usual PLC stuff: thousands of non-itchy but rather unattractive raised spots all over my legs and - in times of stress - my arms, chest and stomach too. My legs are not my greatest asset anyway - think pit pony - but I do dream of lovely clear skin...

Over the years I have tried all the standard treatments - antibiotics, topical steroid creams and light therapy - but all to no avail.

Had anyone managed to get rid of (or lessen) their PLC, or does anyone know of any trials of new treatments?

Yours in spotty anticipation...

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  • Thank you, Daniel, but PLC is a very different condition to psoriasis and eczema. There is no itching (thank goodness!) - just constant replenishment of spots.

    Best wishes from Susan

  • Susie, I have had PLC for five years and I can really understand your misery. In fact, I don't know how you've stood it for 20 years.

    This weird disorder came out of the blue when I was 56 which was an oddity since as you've mentioned the part about it afflicting the young and males in particular. I hate this horrible disease and you feel like a freak because only 1 out of 2,000 people have it. Was always virus prone, but anything I had at the time invariably went away.

    I had light treatment therapy - 56 visits- until they stopped that since it didn't really help. I was taking Acretrin, and of course nothing was contained either. I loathe new spots that always come in pairs and have them all over except the face. Did have some on the hands and stopped wearing rings. It just demoralizes you because you used to feel 'normal' and take your skin for granted.

    My poor husband is tired of my bleating about it as the rest of the family because there's nothing they can do or say to help the situation.

    I live in England (I'm an American) and the weather makes it easy to cover up. But when I visit my relatives in North Carolina I long to wear t-shirts like the old days. I sit in the sun basking and thinking maybe the damn thing will dry up (wistful thinking)

    My dermatologist now has me on Azathioprine, and I'll be having weekly blood checks for a month. I wish there WAS a magic cream to evaporate this unsightly mess - I've been slathering on coconut oil, aloe vera gel, etc.

    You would think in this day of technology, a scientist would come up with a solution to redirect the white blood cells from attacking our skin.

    Well, enough venting, but I'm always searching for a solution also.


  • Suze, that was a very comprehensive reply to Susievintage.

    I hope she appreciated it because I certainly gleaned new information from it. My cousin has had PLC for several years, and I'll tell her of the new drug you're on.

    Carole (cousin) has trouble sleeping at night and longs to itch her spots. Her dermatologist recommended medical haelan tape to put over the offending crust-like blisters so she doesn't scratch in bed.

    It doesn't sound like it will ever be cured judging from the other woman's comments which is very disheartening. It sounds like permanent chickenpox!

    I don't think creams would help though since they can't penetrate underneath the skin from which this is coming. On the other hand, it's invariably soothing and keeps dry skin at bay.

    Thanks for the insight on this stubborn autoimmune disease.


  • Well, Louise, the other drug didn't help much so the dermatologist now has me on Minocycline (two a day for a month) and then one daily. I find that I'm not getting as many spots, but it still isn't contained much to my dismay. You can't sit out in the sun while taking Minocycline which is a bummer. Plus the scars remain for months, but possibly the dermatologist can do something about that.

    I guess one just has to learn to live with it without going crazy.

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