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For a long time, 20+ years, I have had itching mainly left foot, left hand and left cheek but in the last couple of years it has spread over most of my head. Still left cheek side but above the ears, top and neck. I have on numerous times over the years been to the doctors only to be given creams that don't work or told to stop scratching. I would not scratch if it did not itch (chicken and egg/egg and chicken syndrome?). I sometimes do this in my sleep as there will be blood spots on the pillow next morning or it will wake me up. It drives me crazy, and my wife too washing the pillows, but nothing seems to stop the itching. My hair is short to non at all so there is nothing hidden in it. Any thoughts/ideas anyone?

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  • A wee thought, have you changed your shower gel or shampoo recently or checked that the manufacturer hasn't altered the ingredients in a well loved brand? Have you tried any of the proprietry anti-itching creams, E45 do one and Boots Dermacare also, but each use different anti-itching agents. A recent article in Exchange (National Eczema Society magazine) covered the role of anti-itch creams and explained the different types. Good luck with finding a solution as I know how maddening itchy skin is and how mad it is to be told not to scratch!

  • Hi loves radio. E45 has not worked but I have not tried the Boots Dermacare so will look at as soon as I am in town next. Over the years I have used many different varieties of shower gel without success, I was even prescribed Diprobase at the hospital but it did no good. I will see if I can locate the article mentioned, Thanks for this. Kind regards Garry

  • Could b allergies..try benedryl

  • Thank you bwwells.

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