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Lichen sclerosus


I'm 58 year old woman with genital lichen sclerosus. I've had it for about 15 years. I use dermovate steroid cream which keeps it at bay. The unfortunate out come of all this is that the skin of my genital area has become so fragile and thin that sex is now out of the question as I tear and bleed with any penetration. Luckily my husband is very understanding and we find other ways to enjoy ourselves. I have lately been trying emu-oil to try and limit the amount of steroid cream I use. I currently can get away with using steroid cream perhaps twice a week. I'm experimenting with cannabid cream at the moment as I have heard good things about this cannabis based product. It's totally legal in the UK as long as the psychoactive compound are removed.

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Good luck with finding a non steroidal solution honey xx


I feel for you i really do. Have you tried using pure coconut oil in your bath each day. Its amazing stuff & heals most things especially skin problems. Sit in bath for 15-20 mins then wash off as your skin will be greasy. Be careful getting out the bath too as slippery. Good luck!!


Hi I have LS too. There are some great support groups on face book with lots of support and advise, I use them a lot x


Vaseline is also good for keeping the vulval skin supple. I'm in a similar situation to you - have had LS for about 15 years, and also can't have sex as the skin splits. It has spread to my arms as well - it's a horrible disease, isn't it?


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