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Cellulitis help !

Cellulitis help !

I went to the Emergency room today scared because of a small painful blister on my thigh. Its hot and has swelling in the area and the doctor was rude and insisted medication, I looked into it and thats not always necessary. It popped after I went to the ER, and I am choosing to not take the meds, I dont know what I cant do because the red area has gotten worse and its still hot. I am scared and I need help. I dont know if this was just a blister? or a boil? or bad ingrown hair? it dosent look like cellulitus.

right now I also have tonsilitus and feel so sick, I am scared I will die or something but my options are so limmited as I already went to the Er and the meds will increase sickness and stress

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If there is an infection of cellulitis then you have to do antibiotics. Are you taking one already for the strep that causes the tonsillitis?

Cellulitis can have blisters but the raised bump does not look like one of those.

Do you have some tea tree oil or tea tree oil cream? That might help a lot.

Have you tried eating a non-inflammatory diet to lower inflammation in your body?

It's going to be OK so let go of all that stress.


The initial blister could have been caused by a bite from an insect. Annoying but possibly harmless in itself. However it could have caused a secondary infection resulting in cel!ulitis. If you have been prescribed antibiotics stop being silliy and a bit hysterical about the whole situation and take them. I am prone to Cellulitis and take it from me it can make you very sick indeed.

My family doctor let's me have a course of antibiotics with me at all times because I can run a temperature of 105F in less than an hour. Take the meds.

Why did you go to the emergency room in the first place if you were not prepared to follow their advice .


PS Have you got a temperature, if you that will be contributing to your feeling dreadful. Paracetamol will help to bring if down. Do you feel cold and shivery as though you want to swathe yourself in blankets. Try and avoid that if you can. Tough it out and if can force yourself take a cool bath or shower or turn a cool fan on for a while. Anything to bring your temperature down and then you will feel loads better and more in control of what is happening to you.


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