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Dry skin around eyes

Dry skin around eyes


I am a 26 year old male who has suffered with bad skin most of his life, such as exzema and such.

I am used to having spots, inflamed patches, anything really. My face is never clear.

I know have dry skin around one eye (pictured)

Basically im fed up of waiting for things to naturally dissapear, does anyone perhaps recognize what this is and and any particular products to use on it ?

I moisturise my skin but it seems a losing battle.



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Morning Jamie, I would say you need to see a dermatologist, especially with it been around your eye. It's looks sore & I wouldn't advise you using anything without expert advice.

As for moisturising your face, try Aveeno. It's the best cream I've used on my face & its all natural ingredients.


I would love for you to join my community to help yourself, share your story and for people to help eachother. - I hope your skin gets better and believe me, I know exactly what it is like!


Hi Jamie, I feel your pain! its an ongoing cycle of just trying to find a solution. What products do you use to wash and moisturise? it could be an ingredient you are reacting to. What I do is put on a cream for the skin to absorb and then a minute later apply an emollient to keep it moisturised for the next few hours. this method has helped a lot and I have moved on to more natural products to eliminate reactions to chemicals.


Moisturizer will not work at all if there is bacteria present. Chlorphenicol eye ointment is safe for eyes, so I would ask your doctor to prescribe it. It is an effective first aid cream and because it's a gel, it shouldn't dry out your skin. Everyone says treat skin irritation with moisturizer. That has never worked for me. But first aid cream always works. Because this is so close to your eye, you need a first aid cream that is optically safe. If you don't want to ask your doctor, you can go to the pharmacy and ask the if medicinal honey cream is safe for the eyes. This is purified honey in a gel form which is good for skin irritation. Honey has natural healing which moisturizing creams do not.


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