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Itchy skin and then red dry patches


Hi. I hope someone can give me some advise. I have itchy skin, usually on my arms and then red and dry patches form in shapes of circles. The skin feels like 'not mine'. Then i am left with marks and the whole process starts again :( It started about a month ago.

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I would suggest checking with your GP but in the meantime use an emollient to counteract the dryness of the patches

Hey! It could be down to sooo many different things, allergies, perhaps a new product you're using. Have a think of anything you may have changed in your general routine. Are you stressed?

Check out my community - It may help!

Probably ringworm, don't faint. It's a fungal infection, not a worm. Fungal. Ointment from chemist will sort it.


Check with your doctor. I had the same thing and treated it as a fungal infection.. assumed it was ringworm. The cream made it a hell of a lot worse. Turned out it was discoid eczema. My GP prescribed two creams and within a week it is almost gone.

Ringworm, not Daktarin from chemist. Twice a day, continue after they have gone for a week. It is a fungus I think. See the doctor if your worried.

Sounds like ringworm - not a worm! It's a fungus and daktarin cream will work. Visit your doctor for confirmation.

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