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Share your skin stories with us

Share your skin stories with us

Help to raise money for skin disease research, along with raising awareness for your skin disease by sharing your story with us. If you would like to share your story in the media, along with a few photos then please email

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I realize autoimmune diseases are hard to treat/cure, but surely some scientist could redirect the white blood cells from attacking our skin.

I have had pityriasis lichenoides chronica for years, and it (in my opinion) is the worst skin disease ever to be inflicted upon the body (bar skin cancer). Spots in groups pop up all over, subside for a time, and then rear their ugly head again and again. Crusted blisters are unsightly and limit what you wear clothes-wise so one has to cover up like an Arab.

People wouldn't take their skin for granted if they even had this unsightly mess for one day. Since it's a benign and rare disease, I gather that is one reason researchers don't delve too heavily into it - unlike Aids.

It's totally frustrating, changes your entire personality and you don't feel like 'you' any longer. End of lament.


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