Morning everyone, I will try and keep this concise. For the last year I have been seeing a Rheumatologist at the hospital and she has discovered that I have some strange antibodies. In October I awoke with extreme scalp pain which GP decided was shingles, in November I developed a scaly, scabby, itchy, sore rash on the lower part of my neck and chest, again GP said it was shingles, the same thing happened over Christmas and now I have it again. Have appointment with GP next Friday. Having looked through various sites (as you do) I am convinced that it is psoriasis. But my biggest query is can you develop this in (much) later life.

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  • Hi SecondLife,

    According to DermNet NZ, psoriasis most commonly appears in the late teens and in the 50's, but it can occur at any age.

    Psoriasis: DermNet NZ:


  • Thank you for that link

  • HI Second Life,

    Yes! I also beleive that stressful situations can bring it on-mine started after a severe sore throat-and, became worse during infertility exploration in my mid 30's. What struck me in your post was the painful scalp and neck area-snap! My psoriasis on my scalp kills me-and even when I shower, the touch of the water is enough to make me cry. Oddly, bleaching my hair does wonders for it (not recommending this) and on a trip to Key West, I had my hair braided in rows-and the sun made such a difference. Have your GP refer you to a dermatologist. All the best!

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