I am Spanish and I have moderate to severe psoriasis. At present, I am being treated with Adalimumab biweekly for several years.

I am nurse and I am going to work in UK in about one month. I will be living in Reading for one year. In my country, when a migrant will work for more than six months, lose access to public healthcare and treatments.

I would really appreciate if you could give me information on the procedure I should make to access continuing my treatment in England. Are covered by the NHS in England this type of treatment? I am very concerned about this issue. I do not like to stay untreated because the last time I had to stop treatment, I began to have joint pain in elbows and knees.

Thank you for your help

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  • Hi JordiSirera,

    If you are given your injections at a hospital then you won't have to pay. However, you might have problems getting the medication as it is only tends to be prescribed by consultant specialists. Some doctors are also reluctant to prescribe it due to the cost.

    If you self-administer Adalimumab, and an NHS doctor is prepared to prescribe it, you may have to pay for a prescription.

    NHS Choices: Prescription Costs.

    JordiSirera, it might be worth contacting your UK employer to see if they can provide you with any information or help in regards to this matter. You might also want to contact the Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to see what their Adalimumab prescribing policy is.

    Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

    Hopefully, someone else on this forum can provide you with more information.


  • Thank you so much for this information. It has served me very helpful.

  • When we travel in the EU we get a European Health Insurance card. I have never used it but I understand its a reciprocal agreement between EU countries by which the country of origin pays for treatment costs

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