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Burning Thighs


Wondering if anyone else has experienced burning thighs. I'm a lifelong eczema sufferer but over the past 6 months I've notice that my thighs get red hot when sitting it's all round my thighs (front and back) and is hot to touch rather than the sensation of burning. Gets to the stage where I need to sit on the very edge of my chair to stop any contact, and if I don't I end up with mild sweating\dampness. I don't have any allergies to the materials my trousers (pants) are made of and never had this before. It's driving me mad.

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Oh I feel so vexed for you. Have you been to GP as it may be that skin infection has crept in via the eczema? I have had probs with this on soles of my feet especially right one.....starts as pompholyx eczema which is very itchy, which then dries out and cracks which allows infection to develop then gets hot and itchy.... the perfect storm.

Oh dear sounds like you are worse off than me. I've not had any eruptions so I'll rule this one out, my skin on my legs is actually in a fairy good way, just dry. I've also had a couple of doses of antibiotics so that should have cleared out any virus or infections (I assume). I've started on a moisturiser withdrawal rotation to let me skin breath a little which has helped.


Sounds like it could be steroid cream addiction? That can cause burning due to nitric oxide levels in the blood. Check out itsan.org for more info.

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