Anyone try Mindfulness Meditation for Psoriasis?

Anyone try Mindfulness Meditation for Psoriasis?

Hey all,

As you may already know, stress is a huge factor in psoriasis. I have found that mindfulness meditation 15+ minutes a day has led to some noticeable changes in my mood and in my P.

I wrote an article about it here on my blog:

Has anyone else tried this technique? Lets hear some feedback!



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  • Hi there,

    absolutely - I suffered from peri-ocular and peri-oral (around the eyes and mouth) dermatitis and exzema on my hands to the point where I didn't even want to leave the house as I felt like a monster. After trying everything from steroids to herbal remedies with no lasting solution, I decided to try meditation, just to try and cope with it, if nothing else. I did take a course of anti-biotics, which cleared it initially, but after a couple of months of stopping the treatment, I began to notice it returning.

    Although I wouldn't say that meditation alone has completely solved my skin problems, but it has certainly been the best thing that I have tried. Not only has it helped with my stress and acceptance of the little things, it tuned me more into my body, what I was putting in, in terms of food and toxins, and I now feel so much healthier and happier. The skin problem is no longer an issue that I worry about, like I said it may flare up a touch now and then on my hands, but I just pop a dot of steroid cream on and it's away again within a day or 2.

    Without rambling too much, my situation has certainly been dramatically improved through meditation.

    I am more mindful of what my body needs and what will set off a skin flare up and my skin problems no longer rule my life. Hope this helps someone as I know how debilitating it can be - good luck

  • Hey mangobanjo,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! I totally agree, not only does meditation reduce your stress levels, but it also allows you to accept yourself as you are, which leads to feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

    We can't always change things, but we can change the way we feel about them. I know meditation has given me the opportunity to do just that, altering the way I think and feel about myself for the better.

  • Hello I have used mindfulness for general health and to help with my mild psoriasis for some years now. I became so interested in the connection I did a PhD into the effectiveness and acceptability of this intervention. I have recently published 2 papers on this topic which reflect what you and I have found and I hope it is still helpful to you

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