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Hi fellow caregivers and sufferers of msa

Hi my hubby has msa-p we are 7 years in and it just gets harder for him he is suffering at the moment with a really itchy spotty back I thought it was because of the excessive sweating has anyone got any thing they know that might help we’ve had creams shower wash nothing clearing it up thanks in Advance my name is Sandra

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Sandra, many MSA sufferers and carers are aware that symptoms differ from case to case. My wife has suffered with itchy skin for a long time but it's more of a burning sensation which can't be got rid of, only alleviated with tablets such as gabapentin pregobalin or dulixitin. These are nerve inhibitors. Talk to your consultant about the symptoms.

Good luck and best every challenge as it arrives.



Possibly really absorbent sheets - no polycotton. there's no need to iron cotton if you fold it straight from the washing machine. Perhaps soft fine cotton towel under the sheet under his back. Possibly thick cotton t shirt or pyjama jacket no polycotton. Possibly stitch cheap cotton tea towel in the back of pyjamas.

I expect you have thought of all these.

I often think that the hospital type beds with their washable plastic covers are not helpful in this respect


Hello Sandra. Thank you for posting for the first time. I am sorry that I have nothing to add over the previous two comments but hopefully one of these ideas will work. Do let us know if you have tried any and what is successful.

As Paul has commented, we are all on a journey and the paths we take are not always the same. Jax has MSA-C and has not experienced this problem.

I know the MSA Trust team follow this forum and maybe they have a potential solution. Take care, Ian


Hi Sandra,

The previous answers are very helpful. There is no specific reason why skin would be itchy, but the temperature regulator doesn't work properly in MSA, so excess sweating may be at fault. Try the suggestions that have been made and if they don't work do give one of the MSA Trust nurses a call.

Kind regards, MSA Trust.


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